Chitika Hover Ads – Make Money From Mobile Traffic

Chitika Hover Ads - Make Money From Mobile Traffic
Chitika has introduced some news ads in their Apps section. Hover is one of them. When you activate, these ads appear in a box in the bottom right corner of your blogs. Well, I would recommend this big time just because of the reason that it is not taking any real estate of your blog. I usually don’t have anything important on the bottom right corner. Many people use this for recent articles and stuffs, but for that I use sidebars. So, as far as the uniqueness goes, these ads are pretty unique.

How to activate it?

If you have an approved blog in Chitika then you can activate it by visiting ChitikaApps(Beta) in your Dashboard and then click “Enable” for the Chitika Hover. Otherwise you can send an application to get in Chitika first.

Hover Ads are responsive.

These Hover ads are fully responsive that means that it will be displayed in any device no matter if it is a cell phone, tablet, a notebook or a desktop computer having any resolution and any screen size. This means more visibility of your ad block and more money.

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