Affiliate Marketing Is Great For Low Traffic Blogs

Case study of a novice blogger: A blogger reads that there ARE bloggers who are making loads of cash by blogging. He then starts his own blog in WordPress with a premium theme. Does everything which needs to be done and starts blogging. He then clutters his blog by Pay per click ads and In text ads. Then, he usually keeps checking his ad stats to see how much money he has made. When he finds out that he’s not making any REAL money, he adds more ads on the blog. After a while he keeps changing the ad networks to see which one makes more money. As a matter of fact none of the ad networks seems to make money for his blog. He quits blogging, thinking he doesn’t HAVE THAT in him. Deletes everything what he blogged about and moves on with his life. This seems hard to be true but believe me this is the story of thousands of bloggers.

What’s going wrong?

Nothing. Yes, nothing is going wrong except for the fact that a blog doesn’t work that way at all. Just like a plant a blog takes time to grow. You have to feed it by water of your original posts and by the sunlight of SEO. Even if you are providing little sunlight, that’s okay, but you can’t leave off water. A blog is totally dependent on the posts. It’s not a rocket science. If you don’t have enough posts, what your readers will get engaged in?

The solution: 

Now, if you are an impatient guy, and still want to have fruits like that in a bonsai plant, the only option would be affiliate marketing. You can review products and services in your blog. Put the affiliate links and whenever someone buys a product, you get paid. Say, if you have 5000 visitors for your blog in a month then affiliate marketing would work. It will not fetch you cash as you would anticipate but can pay your blogging bills which is good enough to get your blog running. Also, it is less obtrusive for your visitors as the affiliate links don’t need any real estate of your blog. Your blog looks clean and it is easy to read your content.

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