Top 5 Event Marketing, Conference Landing Page Templates

We have created a list of best, top 5 responsive event marketing and conference landing page templates. By using these landing page templates you can create landing pages for speakers, exhibition, conferences, meeting, seminars, camps, concerts, conventions, summit, webinars, Christmas, Thanksgiving, Halloween, New Year, Valentine’s day and any other type of events landing pages. These landing pages are integrated with PayPal payment system for users to buy tickets for your events. All the below mentioned landing pages are compatible with Bootstrap framework. Before we see the list of best event marketing landing page templates let’s have a quick look on the points by using which we can create great event landing pages.

Best practices for creating event landing pages:

  1. Create a powerful message for your visitors: The most important thing about an event landing page is the content and how you place it on the page. Instead of writing big paragraphs it is good to answer the What? Why? Who? When? Where? questions of your event in few points, typically by using help from the design.
  2. Visible Call to Action buttons: Call to Action buttons are a key to event landing pages. The whole idea behind your event landing page is that people should sign up for your events. You need to make sure that your Call to Action buttons stands out from the rest of your page and is big bold and clearly visible.
  3. Fast loading landing pages: From a human perspective and from a SEO perspective you have to make your landing pages load fast. After creating your landing pages you can check its page speed to see if it is loading fast.
  4. SEO for landing page: To get the visitors from the search engines you need to make sure that you have entered correct title tags and meta description for your landing pages by doing proper keyword research.
  5. Add Social Sharing buttons: You should social sharing buttons on your landing pages for your users to easily share your landing pages on different social media channels. This is helpful for getting more views and eventually leads for your landing pages.
  6. Add precise description about your speakers: People want to visit your event mainly to listen to the key influencers in the industry. You should create a separate section for your speakers. It is good to add their profile pictures with descriptions.
  7. Add Schedule of your event: When? is an important question for most of the people. They would want to know what you are offering and if they are free on that particular date. A schedule section makes sure that users get this kind of information.
  8. Create image and video galleries: It is good to create image and video galleries on your landing pages. You can add pictures and videos from your previous events. Videos and images helps the visitors to understand what really happens in your events.

Now, we have learned the best practices for creating awesome event landing pages. Lets have a look at the top 5 event marketing and conference landing page templates.

1) Event Landing Page Template: Event Landing Page Template is a responsive event landing page template which comes with 3 color schemes green, blue and red. It is built by using HTML5 and CSS3 and is compatible with Bootstrap framework. It is the best, premium and most popular event landing page template.

Event Landing Page Template

2) im Event Landing Page Template: im Event Landing Page Template is a responsive event landing page template which comes with 12 types of event page layouts including landing page with light version, landing page with dark version, landing page with light full width version, landing page with boxed version, landing page with Eventbrite version, landing page without hexagon, landing page with audio background, landing page with video background, landing page with circle version, landing page with Valentine’s day version, landing page with Christmas version, landing page with Thanksgiving version, landing page with Halloween version and landing page with New Year version. It supports RTL languages, parallax backgrounds, Google maps, PayPal payments and is compatible with Bootstrap framework.

im Event Landing Page Template

3) Meetup Landing Page Template: Meetup Landing Page Template is a responsive event landing page template which comes with 6 types of landing page layouts including landing page with register header, landing page with video header, landing page with error page, landing page with hero slider, landing page with gallery header and landing page with countdown header. It is compatible with Bootstrap framework.

Meetup Landing Page Template

4) OnEvent Landing Page Template: OnEvent Landing Page Template is a responsive event landing page template which comes with 2 types of landing page layouts including landing page with light texture and landing page with background color.

OnEvent Landing Page Template

5) Eventcamp Landing Page Template: Eventcamp Landing Page Template is a responsive event landing page template which comes with 3 color schemes, red, green and yellow.

Eventcamp Landing Page Template

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