Advantages Of DomainKeys Identified Mail In Email Delivery

DKIM (DomainKeys Identified Mail) is a digital signature which is inserted in an email to track the origin server or the intermediate server of an email message. It is a code which is inserted in the header of a message. By using DKIM a recipient will know from where the message is coming. It also validates the sender of the message by using cryptography.

Here are the advantages of DKIM (DomainKeys Identified Mail):

1) Domain and server authentication: When DKIM is enabled, then a recipient would know from where the message is coming.

2) Reputation management and spam control: DKIM actually gives more information about the reputation of the origin domain of the sender. Recipients can validate if the email is coming from a trusted source or is a spam. DKIM maintains a blacklist to identify questionable servers, domains and spammers.

3) Stops email phishing: DKIM helps in controlling email phishing. Digital signature confirms the identity of the sender an thus, email phishing can be avoided.

4) Email delivery: The most important advantage of DKIM is increase in email delivery. Emails sent by using DKIM technology have a higher chance of ending up in a recipients Inbox than in the junk mail folder. If more messages are delivered in the inbox then more people will view it and this will increase the click rate, conversion rate and other statistics related to the email campaign.

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