Best And Worst Days To Send Email Newsletters

According to MailerMailer, Tuesdays to Thursdays are the best days to send your email newsletters. It is a conclusion based on the statistics where they have analyzed more than 300 million email messages. These emails are sent by more than 3,000 permission based email senders. If you are making a schedule of the newsletters (which is an ideal thing to do if you are a serious email marketer) then you should always pick these auspicious days for sending your newsletters. It is tried and tested and these days are fool-proof days to get maximum opens, clicks and conversions. So, in general the weekdays are the best to send newsletters and weekends are definitely the worst.

Why not Monday: It is the first working day of the week so most of the people will go to their workplace and will check their inbox. However, there is a likely possibility that they will delete your newsletters while deleting other junk newsletters in their inbox which they have received in the weekends. Also, on Mondays, every one is more occupied with their primary work.

Why not Friday: The typical attitude of most people on Friday is TGIF (Thank God! It’s Friday). They are more inclined towards wrapping things up before the weekends rather than to start new ones.

Why not Saturdays or Sundays: Try not to send it on Saturday and definitely not on Sundays as most probably people will not open your newsletters as they are not in their workplace. If you are sending some business related stuff on weekends then it is obvious that your newsletter will receive less concentration from your recipients. Say, if you are sending a newsletter about a 24 hour discount you are offering on your product. If you send this newsletter on Saturday then it would get the least open rate and click rates as your subscribers might open your newsletter on Monday and for them the discount is already gone.

Exceptions: For any rule there are exceptions and this one is no different:

1) Niche of your newsletter: Scheduling your newsletters also depends on the niche of your newsletter. Say, if you have a food joint or restaurant business then for such an industry even Friday is alright.

2) Holidays: Holidays will also play an important role here. For Example, if Wednesday is the day you picked for sending your newsletters, and supposedly it is a holiday, then even if it is a weekday your email campaign will definitely receive fewer opens and clicks.

When a recipient opens his email?

This is another point you need to consider before scheduling your email campaign. According to the email marketing metrics report:

1) 74.5% of emails are opened within the first 24 hours.

2) 84.3% occur with in the first 48 hours.

This data provides an insight on how the emails are being opened by your recipients. So the implication of this statistics is that when you are sending an email you should start seeing the results within duration of 2 days. This is very important data as far the success of the email marketing is concerned. So, when you design a newsletter for a particular subject and you want to test the same with another subject then you don’t have to wait for a week to know which email campaign was successful. You can check out its success rate just within 2 days.

Over to you: The best way to find the right time and day for your niche is to A/B test your email campaigns. You can try different days and time to send newsletters to exactly same number of people to filter desired results.

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