Infographic – Common SEO Mistakes To Avoid In Your Website

For online businesses, SEO is a great internet marketing technique that can help build brand awareness and boost site’s organic traffic and ranking. Through search engine optimization, businesses can also improve their site’s click-through-rate, resulting in higher sales and conversion and thus, be it a small business or a large enterprise, SEO is a must for all.

However, since the landscape of SEO is quite vast with an array of on-page and off-page SEO factors, when it comes to the implementation of basic SEO practices, there is always a confusion as to which techniques are relevant and which has become redundant. This, more often than not, results in silly SEO mistakes that could affect site’s ranking and traffic.

Thus, in order to prevent this catastrophe, here is an infographic that can help you avoid these common SEO mistakes. This infographic guide comprises of 25+ SEO mistakes that you need to avoid and provides you with actionable solutions on how to fix these issues. Additionally, you can also download this guide in a PDF format and use it for reference in the future.

Furthermore, here are top 5 SEO mistakes mentioned in this infographic that you need to fix right now.

1) Not Creating a Sitemap for your Website – Sitemap helps make navigation of your site easier for users as well as search engines. Having a sitemap for your site enables search engine robots to accurately index your website, leading to better ranking on the search engine result pages. Likewise, it also helps make your site user-friendly, providing users with a superior browsing experience. Thus, it is important that you create a sitemap for your website if you don’t already have one.

2) Poor Website Speed and Load time – Website speed is considered a ranking factor by Google and as such, having a slow site speed and load time will affect not only your site’s ranking but also your site’s traffic. Therefore, in order to prevent this, it is important that you analyse your site’s speed on PageSpeed Insights or Pingdom and fix any errors that might show-up post-haste.

3) Non-mobile-friendly Web Design – With the rise in the use of smartphones, not having a mobile-friendly site is a sure-shot way of killing your website. A non-mobile-friendly website leads to a poor click-through-rate and a lower ranking on search results. Thus, it is essential that you have a website that is responsive a.k.a. mobile-friendly, if you want to increase your site’s organic traffic and improve your sales and conversion rate.

4) Uninteresting Content Creation – One of the best ways to generate leads and to increase your site’s subscriber list is to create content that is engaging and benefit focussed. Failure to do so results in poor organic traffic and a high bounce rate. Hence, if you want to improve your brand’s visibility on SERPs and boost your SEO then it is crucial that you create content that is informative & helpful and one that is worth sharing.

5) Over-optimization of Keywords – Most individuals make the mistake of thinking that SEO is only about Keywords. However, that is not the case. While Keywords are an integral part of the SEO strategy, stuffing your page content and blog posts with keywords can lead to penalization. Plus, over-optimization of keywords leads to poor user experience, which could result in a higher bounce rate. Thus, you need to avoid this SEO mistake at all cost and if you want to improve your site’s keyword density then make use of LSI keywords instead.

Now, take a look at this SEO mistakes infographic below and fix these errors immediately, in order to enjoy perks like improve brand visibility, increase traffic and higher ranking on SERPs.

Infographic - Common SEO Mistakes To Avoid In Your Website

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