Best 5 Tips For Network, Referral And Multi Level Marketing

Best 5 Tips For Network, Referral And Multi Level Marketing

In this blog I will describe, how one can achieve great success in the field of MLM or Multi Level Marketing with the use of few powerful tips. If we talk about MLM what strikes first in your mind, a company where you need to build a pyramid of people, either from your friends and family and earn from the same. But that’s an old tradition and this method was used way back by our ancestors, change in generation brings a change in working style. As per my point of view, achieving the target is more important, then following the norms. We can use multiple methods to complete the target.

Attitude → Thoughts → Routine → Action → Success

This is a small mantra that one has to follow to reach the final destination. One should have the right attitude when they are approaching towards their client and eventually success starts with right attitude. There are a number of companies available in the USA are Oriflame, Tupperware, Amway and many others in the list, who follow the same strategies in increasing their market growth. The strategies followed by these companies are similar to each other, every member has to catch a new bird that can sell their product and can increase their members.

Problems Majorly Faced by Freshers

Are you new to this industry, then you might be facing few problems like:

  • You are unable to deliver what exactly you want for your clients.
  • Hesitation and nervousness do not leave you.
  • Unable to build networks, even after multiple tries.
  • Failing has a become a cup of tea.

With your consistencies hard work, the result was zero. It’s not because, that you are not capable of doing sales, but it’s because you are still stuck to the traditional ideas that was used by your previous generations. According to the scenario, we need to change the trend so as you have to.

Below are 5 tips, that can provide success in Multi Level Marketing, Network Marketing and Referral Marketing:

1) Be Smart, Know the Bird That You Want to Catch

The main reason behind joining the network is your attraction,  you get drawn towards the claim, that you can make a huge amount of money, with just selling few products and adding people in your down line.

Second reason for your attraction, was work related, that is you need to do part time job and earn more than your accepted goal. But as soon as you enter the circle you realize its not easy to catch the bird, rather its more tiring than a full time job.

So to catch the right bird, understand the audiences, their requirement and how you can chase them. You must be able to read their nerves, what is their requirement for having a happy life, what he or she needs. If they need money, let them imagine how they can make money, by becoming part of your member. If they are seeking for a job opportunity provide them the platform, give them challenges, to sell your product.

Do smart work not hard work can help you in reaching the target.

2) Don’t be bogus

Whenever you join the network, you are asked to maintain a diary and make a list of your friends and family. You are asked to set a particular target, which you have to achieve till the given date. You can easily approach these people as they are the warm market. You might even reach all those people with whom, you might have broken the communication. The moment you describe about your plan, they will stop receiving your call and in future, you might even hesitate to reach them.

Contact those, whom you think can join your group, until you have the complete knowledge about how the network works and how you can reach the right target.

Try to be professional, don’t be bogus, for beg anyone to join the network. Interested candidate will automatically approach you, try to show your growth and success that you have achieved by being the part of the member.

3) Use Of Networking Site

Following the traditional method, might not help you to achieve the maximum target, open your windows and try to approach people through various networking site, in which they are active. They are list of networking sites, where you can reach multiple people through numerous method.

  • Facebook: One of the biggest networking site, where you can approach the right people. Trace those people who have similar taste. Send friend request, make sure that for the first few chat, don’t talk about your business and plan, study them, known their weak points and then attack them, which turns your table in benefit site.
  • Instagram: This platform, allows you to share live videos, your day to day activities and lot more. Use this platform in the right way to chase your target, attract people through your strategies and increase your marketing business.
  • YouTube: One of the best platform, for sharing videos. Share your thoughts and strategy, how can one get benefit from being a part of your member. You can upload video, when you crack a deal, some funny moments, which you get while working. Just be confident and convey your best.

4) Apply what you learn

When you become a part of a member, you will definitely have a mentor or a leader, that will guide you, throughout all your work. To succeed in this field, you have to listen your mentor  and practice, what they say. All though the methods, must be bogus and you are not interested to listen same thing every time. But when you listen them, you can make your own way of success and achieve the target.

5) Don’t Be a Quitter

This field is not as easy, as you have assumed at the time of joining. There are multiple hurdle that you may face, while working in this field. The best key to get success is that you should not be a quitter. The successful professionals in MLM marketing, might have thought of quitting, but they did not opt this option, hence they are successful in their  field and are able to build their branches.

Remember  MLM marketing does not have space for Quitter.

APJ Abdul Kalam has very well said:

Why be afraid of difficulties, sufferings and problems? When troubles come, try to understand the relevance of your sufferings. Adversity always presents opportunities for introspection.”

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