4 Ways To Maximize SEO Efficiency And Ranking For Your Blog

4 Ways To Maximize SEO Efficiency And Ranking For Your Blog

Blogging is one of the most potent ways to promote the products and services, however just writing passages of text about their virtues are no more a passports to success. Instead, it is vital to optimize the blog content for indexing with search engines. Once indexed, the pages prominently appear on the search engine listings. There are certain tips and tricks that help to perform the task.

1) Design content on the tail keywords:

As a blogger, you should not stuff the content with keywords as the whole purpose is defeated. Users might find the passage boring and senseless, therefore only a couple of long tail keywords should be used. Readability of the blog should never be sacrificed and the usage of the keyword need not be forced. The strategy helps to focus on the primary objective of the blogs and the people searching for the long tail keyword seem to be quite knowledgeable. Therefore, find the keywords to create the content and make sure that they are not over used. Once the objective is completed, the blog post is bound to become viral not only on the search engine but also on social media.

2) Include keywords in designated parts of the post:

The keywords should be incorporated into the specific parts of the blog such as title, headers, body, URL along with Meta description.

If the keyword is included in the Title it can be easily recognized by the search engine for optimization. It denotes that the content is relevant to the readers however make sure to insert the keyword into the first 65 characters or else Google might ignore the usage for search engine results page. In case of a long title, always use the keyword in the beginning to improve visibility.

The blogger should use keywords in a natural way and not stuff them as an afterthought. One of the best ways is to pre plan their usage before writing the blog. It is a wonderful proposition that not only includes the keyword but also carries the information that an audience is looking for. In addition, answer the queries of the clients that they use to connect to the post. The whole process becomes intuitive and drives the web traffic in hordes to the platform.

To make the web page friendlier, optimize the URL with the keyword. It should be simple and easy to remember for the people. While scanning the page, the crawler would look up to the URL for references before proceeding to the body of the content. Nobody likes to remember URL including characters and numbers however it can easily strike the memory engine if address is provided in plain simple English.

Last but not the least; the keyword is to be also used in the Meta description as it optimizes the blog content. It is also a summary about the blog content, therefore optimization of the meta description should be the top priority of the bloggers.

3) Mobile and social media friendly:

Mobile and social media friendly

Modern users are increasingly switching over to mobile phones; therefore the layout of the blog should be such that it can be easily read on the small gadgets. Major search engines are known to display the mobile friendly websites among the top listings. With algorithm updates in recent times, it is now mandatory to make the blog mobile compatible.

You can forget the power of social media at your own peril. Instead of promoting the blog on the website, share it on the prominent social platforms. They are bound to get noticed by the users and within a very small amount of time the content can go viral.

Whatever blog is created, make sure that it incorporates share to Facebook and Twitter button. It is bound to make your page famous and guarantee huge web traffic. Clients running ecommerce portals can get new customers by following the above mentioned technique.

4) Image optimization:

Image optimization

Blog should be short and stuffed with image in a natural manner however search engine would index the content only if the pictures are optimized. For instance, the alt text associated with the image should incorporate the keywords. It provides a better user experience and enhances the page ratings. In case the pictures are not visible, the alternate text can provide required information to the users.


In order to make the blog famous, you need to include the 4 ways that are mentioned in the preceding passage. You should practice perseverance and patience apart from following a fool proof plan. Blogs provide perfect options to the company to expand their business among new clients. By optimizing the image and text, you can grab large number of eye balls in the internet domain. In a nutshell, all you need to do is to follow the tips with certain customizations to reap rich rewards.

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