Importance Of SEO For Small And Medium Sized Online Business

Importance Of SEO For Small And Medium Sized Online Business

The online world is fast changing, the impact of technological advancements can no longer be ignored. There is no way that a business can thrive or even just be successful unless they choose to embrace technology. That is why most businesses have had websites built and are making use of their website to advertise their services to the world. The impact that search engines have on a business’s success has increased so has the need for business owners and entrepreneurs to understand SEO. If a business doesn’t have someone who understands SEO the chances are they will a website that isn’t producing any returns for their businesses?

1) Understanding The Target User Search Behavior

By understanding your target audiences search behavior, an entrepreneur can easily find a way to make their site visible to potential buyers of what they are selling. If they aren’t visible to the buyer then how will the buyer know about them when they want to purchase something? The entrepreneur should do research on how to target their audience or risk losing business to competitors who do understand the target audiences search behaviour. The entrepreneur needs to understand the different terms that buyers are searching with through different stages of their purchase. To start the buyer may compare products or services, checking reviews and finally they will probably want to check prices.

2) Create A Roadmap

The success of any venture depends on the strength of the plan, the entrepreneur needs to create a roadmap that will lead them to success. Success in SEO isn’t any different, the entrepreneur needs to create a roadmap that will focus their journey to make sure that they reach where they need to be. The focus should be on ranking for easier, longtail terms first of all by creating a long string of searches which may have lower volume and therefore less competition. Eventually, traffic volume will get higher over time then the business can focus on more competitive primary industry terms, but, the bottom line is the process should be outlined and followed carefully.

3) Identify Your Goals

The entrepreneur needs to understand what the goals are before creating an SEO strategy or they risk falling by the wayside. The goals should be created to target ranking for the keywords that have been prioritized. They should include the traffic that the business expects on their site then rankings and the business outcome of the SEO strategy – sales as well as leads. High ranking on the search engines will hopefully drive large amounts of traffic to the site.

4) An Ongoing Process

SEO isn’t done once as most people would like to think, it is a continuous process that will only achieve traffic, rankings and business if a good strategy is adhered to. The entrepreneur needs to generate monthly or regular reports to make sure that they track their rankings. However, the reports shouldn’t be too frequent, some ranking movements are often just noise. The reports will also weigh in on traffic and outcome, so they are very important to have. The other thing that reports will do is to show the entrepreneur what the competition is doing and hence have them up their game.


SEO is not something that you can start today and see results tomorrow; the process of SEO needs to be an ongoing one. The consistency of the entrepreneur to maintain the process will determine if the whole campaign is a good idea or if it is just a waste of time. Results may vary with the market the business is in but at least 18 months should be enough to get the site where it should be if the campaign is done consistently and done in the right way. The entrepreneur will have to learn a lot in the process and never be afraid to make corrections where something might be going wrong.

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