4 Tips On How To Get Your Food Instagram Account Famous

4 Tips On How To Get Your Food Instagram Account Famous

There is no doubt that Instagram has had a profound impact on the food world. Today it is considered normal to whip out your phone and take photos of your food for Instagram before sitting down to dine. It is for this reason that a search for #foodporn generates over 140 million photos. A recent study by food blogger Zizzi published on the Independent lifestyle web page indicated that most youths between the ages of 18-35 years spend up to 120 hours a week browsing food images on Instagram. Additionally, it is believed that restaurants with a ‘weak’ Instagram presence are avoided by the said populous. So far, it is evident that to make a mark in the food industry you need to generate traffic on your Instagram page.

Here are some of the tips to make your Food Instagram page Famous.

1) Differentiate your account from the rest through individuality

Currently, there are numerous restaurants and food experts running so many food accounts, it can be hard for one to find specific ones that are essentially worth following. Consequently, to run a famous food account you will need to give your Instagram page a vein of new life through individuality. For example, @Princessgloriachinfeasts has designed her page to feature a picture of food in the air for every third photo in her post. Subsequently, a grid view of her account is aesthetically pleasing a factor that has seen her maintain a high number of followers.

2) Post the food everyone enjoys

Post the food everyone enjoys in Instagram

One of the secrets of attracting foodies on Instagram is with unique photos; however, this strategy only works if the photo is pleasing to the audience. As an Instagram food blogger, you should know that likes are not directly related to healthy foods. In fact, desserts; think brownies with s’mores, caramel, finished with pretzels, get more likes as they play on the psychology to satisfy a guilty pleasure craving. It is recommended to often add a photo of a healthy meal as variety is always good. However, in case you’re just starting out, the best way to grab your audience’s attention is through treats they can’t turn away from.

3) Post the right amount of material

Regardless of how delicious the food looks, posting a large amount photos can be considered a turn-off. Nevertheless, you run the risk of disengaging your followers when you take a long time to post photos. It is recommended that you post one photo a day adding catch captions to complement each photo. Additionally, half of the battle in the quest to grabbing a follower’s attention is through the quality of the photo. Good editing, perfect lighting, and a crisp, as well as clear background, will always guarantee likes and followers.

4) Stay engaged with your followers and other accounts

Unlike other social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter, in order to get people to like your photos, you have to like theirs as well. It is recommended to follow other food blogging accounts, always comment positively, as well as offer hashtags that would allow you to share your material. Always try to give ingredients for foods and reply your followers.

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