4 Ways Social Media Has Impacted Business Communication

4 Ways Social Media Has Impacted Business Communication

The use of social media accelerates the growth of business and helps in building a better customer relationship. The companies have experienced an increase in sales after creating better customer services with the help of social media.

We often blame social media for our inability to socialize, but let’s give some credit to it for enabling us to communicate more.

Undoubtedly, there has been a tremendous change in the external and internal communication of companies with the help of technological advancements. It is very important for the businesses to use right communication channels to remain close to the customers and help them know more about their products or services.

The emergence of social media brought the users to exchange their details like common interests or personal information, and there was no relevance of business in that. Though, it became an important part of the businesses later on. It has completely changed the scenario of the businesses and helped them grow to a great extent.

The most important communication channel is the social media that helps the companies to reach out to their customers. The first thing they think of for connecting with the customers is making an investment in social media.

There are a number of ways that the businesses can follow to communicate with their customers with the help of social media.


1) Connecting with the people

In today’s time, the companies are not focusing on increasing their sales. However, their ultimate goal is the same. But they are targeting to make good connections with the customers and making them aware of the qualities of the product as well. For that, they are providing them with the unique marketing content.

2) Campaigning

A decade ago, it was quite difficult and time-consuming to take the feedback from the customers, and it requires lots of efforts as well. But with the emergence of social media, the process has become quite easy and fast. Whenever a marketing campaign begins, the customers become aware of it at the same time and start connecting with the brand. The companies can also monitor the campaign performance with the help of social media.

3) Visualization to the customers

If the customers are connected with the businesses through a social media platform, they can visualize the product in a better way, and the customer can make the buying decision accordingly. Before the emergence of social media, visualization was to see the logo or image of the company. But at present, we can have a look at the detailed features of the products and get details or reviews about the services as well.

4) All-time availability

Round the clock presence is something that has become essential and social media is fulfilling that necessity. For instance, if we talk about the top two social media websites such as Twitter and Facebook, these can be accessed anytime, and the promotions can be made even during the non-working hours.

Customers are prone to use these websites due to their flexible time. They are not restricted to be available in the working hours of the organisation to communicate with them.

With the advent of smartphones, anytime access has become quite easy for the customers and the businesses. The transformation has come in the buying and selling process. Also, there is no need for the people to wait for long hours and use the media in PC or laptops, they can easily access them on smartphones. It has benefited the companies to a great extent.

Additionally, the social media platforms have helped the marketers by providing them with lots of tools to promote the business making it easy for them.

Contemporarily, the companies who do not use social media for the promotion do not exist for the customers practically. Social media is the platform that helps you form healthy relationships, having direct interaction with the customers and making them spread a good word of mouth.


1) Increase in the awareness of the brand

The most cost-efficient way to promote the business is the social media. It helps to increase the visibility of the business and the brand recognition to the customers. According to the studies, 91% of the business has been observed to have an increased sale by investing a few hours per week on social media advertisement.

2) Increasing traffic

Social media is the tool that provides the exposure to the new customers. Otherwise, you will remain inside the group of your loyal customers only.

3) Improvement in the ranking of search engine

Social media also helps in increasing the traffic of your website rewarding you with great success. You must create good content to increase the ranking of your company with the use of targeted keywords.

4) Increased customer satisfaction

Social media helps in to provide satisfaction to the customers. The consumers can easily publish their reviews or feedback, and the company can mend the service or product as per the need of the customer. The satisfaction of the consumers has become the biggest concern these days.

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