Evolution, Impact And Benefits Of Social Media Marketing

Evolution, Impact And Benefits Of Social Media Marketing

Social Media has come a long way with technological advancements, ensuring significant benefits in the field of smart communication. Here’s how things have evolved over the years.

Social media is perhaps one of those inventions which have influenced the society in a truly significant manner. It can also be said that the invention of social media has brought a change which has possibly made a lot of difference in the thought process of people and how we choose to interact with people. From advanced communication to bringing the entire world to your bedroom, social media innovation has seen a good run over the past few years.

“Social media is the ultimate equalizer. It gives a voice and a platform to anyone willing to engage.”

– Amy Jo Martin, American author

Well, here’s a demonstration and relevant explanation concerning the evolution, impact and significance of social media in this fast moving progressive world.

1) The ease of social media learning

Gone are those days when students would end up looking for old notes and go crazy on not being able to figure out the required information which they might need at that very moment. You can now simply be a part of various academic communities and e-learning forums available on social media these days. No late night note hunting, no nightmarish experiences and last-minute panic and the likes. The easy learning academic forums available on social media platforms these days are redefining advanced education at its best.

2) Better job prospects

Earlier, job-hunting used to be a tedious process where you were required to go through the declarations and classified ads available via print media. But in today’s world of advanced growth and prospect, looking and applying for jobs has become an easy task; thanks to the evolution of social media and the benefits that are associated. You can simply follow recruiters and human resource managers via popular social media platforms like LinkedIn and the likes.

This, as a result helps you to stay connected and follow daily job updates and every other news concerning your professional domain. So, it goes without saying that the advancement of social media in the field of profession has truly made things easier for the job aspirants to get placed in the right organization by figuring things out on their own, with the ease of a single click of their mouse button.

3) Communication made easier

It’s not only about phone call or a SMS from your best friend you would wait for; rather things have truly changed over the years and made it easier and more convenient for people to deal with. It’s amazing to see how a group of friends can arrange a lovely house party by engaging in social media group chats.

In addition to it, people these days are mostly on social media for various reasons apart from live conversation with friends and acquaintances. For every picture you would like to click and share with your clan, there’s Instagram. For every friend you would like to follow and stay in touch with, there’s Facebook, for every small talks and messages you’d wish to share with the world, there’s Twitter. So, it goes without saying that even if two best friends or for instance, a newly married couple are miles apart, they could hardly feel the void in terms of daily communication and interaction. In addition to it, social media has another crucial role to play in terms of communication. Although this might sound a bit weird but it’s a strange fact that most of the people and mainly teenagers and college goers have their internet data fully charged, even if they are running short of their phone balance. Thus, in case of an emergency and unavailability of phone’s main balance, they can choose to send across urgent messages via social media tools and applications such as Messenger, WhatsApp and the likes.

4) Better brand awareness and recall value

With the advancement and technical development of social media every passing day, it is to be mentioned that brands these days are enjoying the benefits of better recall value and awareness among the target customers. Enthusiastic entrepreneurs are often seen advertising their products and promoting services via social media interaction with their potential clients. Thus, in addition to promoting services and products via outdoor campaigning and television ads, one can now enjoy the ease of getting closer to the target audience via live interaction and promotion of exciting offers via social media platforms on several occasions. Now that most of the people tend to remain active and available on social media, advertising and creating brand awareness via engaging posts and updates is considered as a useful and highly productive tool by young entrepreneurs and progressive brand managers.

5) Websites having better SEO rankings

Talking of brand awareness and business growth, Search Engine Optimization is a term which perhaps is known to most of the readers. Every business house in today’s word is required to come up with informative and client-focused websites helping the potential customers engage and get connected with the brand and its theme and productivity better. If you are maintaining websites and linking it to your social media page and promoting various informative blogs and journals associated with your business and the product it promotes, then eventually your page would end up having better rankings and popularity among the target customers. The idea is simple; more you will be able to ensure client engagement and interaction, better will be chances for an organization or a business product to grow. Thus, social media posts, ad-boosts and online campaigns are truly playing a major role in this field.

6) News in real time

If something is taking place right at this very moment in a different corner of the universe, then you can expect to have that news right in your social media news feed in no time. From earthquakes taking place to the latest international cricket score, you can expect to have knowledge on each and every occurring at the earliest and right at that moment. Social media truly has the power to help people access news even before a newspaper or radio announcements could do the same. So, this is undoubtedly another major benefit and influence social media has on the people of this world.

7) Consultations made easier

You can now expect to get easy consultations on various issues, right from your business chores to personal problems, every problem has now a solution in social media. From psychiatrists to business consultants, almost every single entity is actively present on social media these days.

With every passing day, social media platforms and application of various tools and methodologies are making things convenient for people who would like to connect, share and grow. However, it is also to be mentioned that using the platforms in an unethical way is certainly not recommended. People who end up misusing the freedom or mishandling the tools and technicalities are often seen struggling with cyber-crime allegations and other legal complications. Thus, a bit of awareness is required while using social, media platforms, and you can always continue to enjoy the positive impact of such a phenomenal invention in the history of mankind.

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