Latest Social Media Marketing Trends For 2018 And Beyond

Latest Social Media Marketing Trends For 2018 And Beyond

There are many people in the world who still misunderstand social media as a platform where they can make friends with strangers and share all the happenings, photos, audios and videos with them. In the beginning it might have been true but with passage of time it has become one of the most pocket friendly and effective way of marketing your is true that social media can play an important role in the success of your business but for that you need to stay up to date about the latest trends in social media marketing. In the beginning of digital evolution in the field of marketing only the webpages and websites were used to advertise businesses, but with passage of time and unbelievably fast speed of growth of technology now the marketing is not limited to webpages and websites, it is now spread to the social media and blogging platforms.

1) Social Media Marketing Through Messages

The messaging done through the android apps is one of the latest trend in social media marketing. The ever increasing popularity of WhatsApp, Facebook, Viber and other messengers have attracted millions of people towards the social media, due to free messages and audio and video calls millions of people have become loyal users of these apps. It is the success of these messaging apps that have forced many big brands use these social media websites not only for the marketing needs of their business, they even use these platforms to provide the customer services to their valued customers. The big brands that are using the social media for the marketing of their businesses include TacoBell and Clarks. Looking at the fast growing trend of using these social media messengers for business promotion this trend will immensely increase in the year 2018.

2) Number Of Chatbot Will Increase.

There are hundreds of international brands that have started using the latest technology for the promotional purposes of their business through chatbot. As the name ‘Chatbot’ tells you it is an automated chatting software that can make simple conversation with the potential customer through live chat.

Looking at the trend of people sharing there good and bad experiences about a company’s product or services on social media the big brands decided to use one of the latest systems known as chatbot as their customer service representatives so that instead of spoiling a company’s name over the social media the valued customers could register their complaints and issues with the chatbot. these chatbot are also used to get the feedback from the clients about the existing products as well as the ones that are new in the market as timely feedback from the clients help the businessmen make changes in their products to make them even better and remove all the flaws. Looking at the growing popularity of the chatbot the experts recommend all the business owners to start using them in the year 2018 for their business growth.

3) Marketing Using Influencer

The influencer marketing is the type of marketing that is done by using an influencer to spread their message to the masses. An influencer is the person with huge fan following and many company make ads for their websites in which the influencer is using the newly launched product and is giving positive comments about it. These types of ads prove to be fruitful as the fans of the influencer would definitely give that product a thought whenever they need to by a similar product. Even the billboards that are made using this strategy prove to be quite effective. Social media influencers can also be called brand endorsers as according to some studies about the social media marketing using influencer a large number of buyers of a product admitted that they bought that product after receiving the tweet of a star who uses it. There are many prominent international brands like Nike, Adidas and Amazon who are using the influencer for the promotion of their products. If you want to stay in the market for years to come you should also try this ever increasing trend of social media marketing through Influencer in the year 2018.

4) Stories Attract All

There is a new marketing trend prevailing in the market at a very fast pace. This trend is that of storytelling. This type of content usually comes from the social media websites like Instagram and Snapchat that are famous for their photo is the type of advertising in which visuals are used to build curiosity among the viewers. As a business owner all you have to do is make your team learn the art of storytelling by using high-resolution pictures of your product with an attention seeking caption that could force the people to click on the picture for details. The visitors to your website will definitely share the picture story with their friends using the social media website and your business would get promoted automatically. Curiosity is a part of human nature and in this type of marketing you can easily attract the people to your products. This form of marketing has a bright future.

5) No Stop To Live Stream Video

According to the studies about the latest marketing trends by social media more than 90% of the content that was shared on social media platforms was video format. A few years back the recorded videos were used for the promotional purposes of a business but the consumer of today likes live streaming more than a recorded video, that is why most of the leading brands in the market are now turning towards the live streaming videos of the products and services that they want to share with the potential buyers. The high percentage of video sharing on social media platforms is enough of a proof of efficacy of this type of marketing for your business. All you have to do is to hire competent IT professionals who could easily assist your marketing team in making all these changes possible for your business promotion.

6) VR Or Virtual Reality

Last but not the least is the use of virtual reality for the marketing of your business. On one hand the video marketing is giving the marketing a natural look and on the other hand the virtual reality technology is doing more so as by wearing the special device a customer can experience the use of a product, for example if you are offering new cars you can develop a website with the pictures of the car using the VR technology. If a person wants to buy a car you can show him the interior just by wearing the special device used for watching VR images.

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