Role Of Social Media In Transforming The World Of Academics

Role Of Social Media In Transforming The World Of Academics

Have you ever imagined the life without internet? Have you ever wondered how would people have lived in the past when there was no internet and no social media?

In modern times social media and internet is the most useful technology not only in personal lives but also in the professional life. Social media has become the magnificent medium for the promotion of work, networking with colleagues and for demonstrating impact and thus becoming an increasingly important part of academic life.

There are millions of users on each social media platform like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, and all and social media has both positive and negative effect on the world of academics.

This article is attempted to bring the role of social media in transforming the world of academics.

1) Increase productivity

You will be surprised to know that there has been an increase in the rate and eminence of collaboration for students which is helping them to learn how to work well with the groups. They are able to communicate meeting times and sharing information better way. The working environment of every company requires to be connected with many people and maintain connections for the increased productivity; social media helps the student learn this before they actually step into the working field.

Students learn the much faster way to build and maintain several connections through social media. Social media is the magical gift to the modern times and it helps to connect with the world with just one click and learns more about the technologies used worldwide.

2) Learning new technologies

The continuous usage of social media is also making students learn more about the computers and latest technology which means they are very well versed with the new updates in technology. Students develop the familiarity with computers and other electronic devices by spending so much time on social media and to take this in the positive sense, this will help them throughout their lives as the social media and technologies are here to stay.

Students tend to learn more from each other, education patterns are different in each country and they discuss their education on social media. Learning with collaboration makes the best aspect in transforming the academics in the education world.

3) Aspects of design

Students can easily customize their profile and this makes them learn about the layout of the design which is usually not taught in schools. They are more aware of the basic aspect of layout and design and so they more easily can bring this knowledge into their professional life. It will be easier for them to create the PowerPoint presentations or design layout whenever required in the office.

Social media is connected with everyone in the world and so the students learn about the diversity and different layout designs that are used by the various people. Students not only learn to explore themselves in layout and designs but the social media also provides the free assistance to students for layout and design and with professional help, they can increase their knowledge.

4) Sharing of creative works

With the increasing popularity of social media, students are able to share the videos, photos, blogs and other things as the platform provides the easy and speedy upload of the various things. This helps students to learn the sharing across the globe. The creative works now easily get shared and this makes students learn more about the creative fields and new things that are coming up in modern times.

The sharing and feedback from the online friends help them to improve their area of interest and also they get habitual to the feedback which will always be provided in their professional life. Social media easily provides the tricks and examples to improve the creativity which may bring out the best in the students.

5) Time management

The social media provides the total freedom to students to do whatever they want to upload and download from the global village. It is the fact that the social media helps the student in learning new technologies which are not defined in their course books but it is also important that they learn and understand the basic concept provided in the course books.

With freedom should come the choice of remaining in the discipline, students also tend to learn the time management. They should learn to provide the limited time to social media and also enough time to their course studies. Gone are the days when students were focused only on studies and play, the modern times teaches students time management which will be highly useful later in their lives.

6) Research work

In the academic course, students are required to submit a few projects related to their studies. Earlier it was difficult to research and find information about the project but in modern times global village provides easy information on almost all the topics.

Students learn to research about the particular topic in the best possible way and while researching they tend to learn on how to find the correct website and the appropriate information. Students can take the assistance of experts from professional research writing help providers to grasp the process of conducting details research work. And the students learn about the new formats and how to use them in a practical way.

While we have listed the best ways the social media has transformed the world of academics, there are also some negative features. The excessive use of the social media is affecting the health of students. The long hours on the internet affects the eyesight of the students and small kids are also using the spectacles.

Students at a young age are lacking the physical activity, more students are losing the interest in sports and art classes and this makes them lose the creativity and energy. The excessive use of social media impacts the mood swings of students which is harmful in the long term personal development.

Social media will be a great advantage in the world of academics if the students learn to use it in a proper way like finding the correct audience, limited time on the internet, and setting the purpose of using the social media into the learning.

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