History, Origin And Evolution Of Cloud Computing Solutions

History, Origin And Evolution Of Cloud Computing Solutions

Cloud computing is a combination of several servers and networks. It allows you to view online videos and share office documents with your colleagues. However, many people don’t know where the term originated.

The Origin of Cloud Computing

The concept of computing timeshares was invented in the 1950’s. Back then; different commercial computers, such as the IBM 702, were quite huge. A computer could occupy a whole apartment. They were also expensive.

As they were scarce, some investors opted to lease them. A computer would cost you over $200,000 per month. Therefore, they were only procured by well-established enterprises. However, small businesses aimed at attaining the computing power of these monster machines.

Furthermore, computers reduced the time spent performing typical business operations such as record keeping. Service bureaus were established to sort out the computer accessibility challenge. They allowed several enterprises to share a primary computer. It resembled a vacation timeshare.

These service bureaus managed and scheduled users to ensure that everyone accessed the computers. Between 1960 and 1970, they discovered that several people could access a mainframe computer simultaneously they only set dumb terminals for every user.

Each terminal could access several hosted applications. Also, it utilized a variety of protocols to prevent the users from colliding. Such protocols resembled the ones that control traffic in the current cloud servers.

Computer Clouding and Virtual Private Networks (VPN)

Computer Clouding and Virtual Private Networks (VPN)

Most people think that computing began in the 1990’s. Telecommunication firms offered Virtual Private Networks (VPN) to clients. They substituted point-to-point data circuits. It enabled businesses to remotely and securely access their servers with small infrastructure investment.

The firms started switching traffic to balance server demand similar to the current cloud networks. Several years ago, the World Wide Web (WWW) made internet available to investors. It had its servers.

In the late 1990’s an internet boom occurred. Ingenious companies discovered the essence of transforming their IT services to Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) applications. Amongst the key players in the computing evolution was Salesforce. It permitted users to access enterprise applications from a digital website.

Its bold move motivated other firms to invent different online applications. Currently, only a few don’t provide SaaS applications.

The Launch of Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Web 2.0

The next colossal cloud computing breakthrough occurred in 2002. It was the launch of Amazon Web Services (AWS). By then, Amazon didn’t foresee AWS being a renowned product in future. Instead, they handled the cloud service as a side hustle. AWS was primarily created to clean up its e-commerce service. It sorted out Merchant.com into dedicated APIs.

However, as they worked on this new product, it was discovered that they had a huge problem. Amazon’s internal developers struggled to launch efficient applications. Each time they began developing a new one, they were forced to configure new databases or storage components.

Its executives agreed to invent shared infrastructure which could be easily accessed by all employees. Subsequently, they discovered that they had created a vital product. In 2006, they rebranded their services like Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud.

Currently, AWS has a net worth of over $11 billion. However, some investments feared to compromise their sensitive data. They sensed the looming cloud integration risks. Some of their fears were attenuated when vast enterprises such as Google invented online applications.

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