Create Free Custom Wedding Websites And Digital Invitations

Create Free Custom Wedding Websites And Digital Invitations

To state the obvious we’re living in an age ruled by the web. Maybe not the Internet exclusively, but all things digital are at the forefront of most everything. Everyday tasks can be done with a few clicks of a button and major life decisions too. This isn’t necessarily news, but what might be is that even the most niche commodities are now available at our fingertips. Things that used to be out of reach are now free and traditional methods have an entirely different look.

Industries as reliant upon exchanging goods and services for monetary compensation as the wedding world have had to transition to fit the bill in order to sustain. That means ditching their brick and mortar storefronts and heading online offering a fair balance of for-profit items and complimentary freebies.

Digital RSVP and Wedding Invites

The wedding industry is a prime example of conforming (in a good way) because there are endless subgroups within the wedding world that have heeded this change. Vendors, venues, photographers… the list goes on – have all ditched their old-school ways for a much more accessible method. One aspect in particular – the wedding invitation industry, the most successful stationery companies are now exclusively online, but in order to stay in business while competing with self-sufficient and self-proclaimed techies (who could probably design and print invitations on their own) are in-fact still thriving because many have found the sweet spot.

The point being, traditions look different due to technology and sticking to the word of weddings, announcing engagements, giving updates on wedding-related festivities, and even inviting your entire guest list solely online is the new norm. This is such a great example of innovation because the wedding industry – specifically, the wedding invitation industry was built on paper products, printing services, and SNAIL MAIL.

Mobile Responsive Wedding Website Templates

Taking all of that into consideration, who really want to send a mass text or start a Facebook group to invite loved ones to the most special day of their lives? Well, surely someone, but a majority of brides-to-be want their day and all that goes into it to be special, classy, and memorable. That’s where e-vites and wedding websites come in handy. Being able to frugally or even freely invite their guests to various wedding-related festivities online AND with style is a game changer.

Wedding website templates are a dream come true for brides on a budget, couples with very little time to plan, and any of us pro-tech. Wedding websites like the free templates Basic Invite offers are so dreamy and convenient. Not only for the planner, but for guests too. Real-time updates, gorgeous designs, and a level of personal charm through upload-able photo albums and words written straight by the happy couple bring a fresh take to tradition and are a step into the future.

Create Online Photo Albums and Gallery

Wedding websites have always been around, but their potential has not been met until now. If you’re in the market for stationery, invitations, or paper products head over to Basic Invite and check our their free website templates first. Create a stunning platform to share with guest then shoot them a link to check it all out. Not saying the lovely tradition of a hand delivered envelope needs to be completely forgotten, but supplemented some of that with a touch of technology is ahead of the curve – not to mention fun to create.

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