Top 3 Music Band, Singer, Musicians, Radio, DJ Drupal Themes

We have created a list of best, top 3 music band, singer, musicians, radio, DJ Drupal themes. You can use these themes to create music album websites, sites for music artists, portals with audio players, music blogs, sites for music clubs and events and sites for recording studios.

Here is the list of top 3 music band, singer, musicians, radio, DJ Drupal themes:

1) Remix Drupal Theme: Remix theme is a responsive music band Drupal theme which comes with 3 types of homepage layouts. It is the best, top selling, premium and most popular music band Drupal theme.

Remix Drupal Theme


  1. Responsive music band Drupal theme.
  2. 3 types of homepage layouts including homepage layout with footer, revolution homepage layout and homepage layout with footer.
  3. SEO optimized and fast loading music band Drupal theme.
  4. 2 types of website color schemes including light color scheme and dark color scheme.
  5. Shortcodes support to add message box, tables, tabs, accordions, buttons, typography, tables, lightbox, videos and social icons anywhere in your music band Drupal theme.
  6. 2 types of mp3 page layouts including single mp3 page layout and single wide mp3 page layout.
  7. 3 types of gallery page layouts including gallery page layout with 2 columns, gallery page layout with 3 columns and gallery page layout with 4 columns.
  8. 2 types of news page layouts including single news page layout and full width news page layout.
  9. 3 types of blog page layouts including blog page layout with right sidebar, blog page layout with both sidebars and blog page layout without sidebars.
  10. Create custom pages like shop page, videos page, archive page, forum page and 2 types of contact pages.
  11. Supports jQuery scrollbars, Google fonts and CSS3 animations.
  12. Compatible with Drupal 7.

2) Foundry Music Drupal Theme: Foundry Music theme is a responsive music and singer Drupal theme which comes with 5 types of homepage layouts.

Foundry Music Drupal Theme


  1. Responsive music and singer Drupal theme.
  2. 5 types of homepage layouts.
  3. Create custom pages like 3 types of about us pages, 3 types of services pages, 2 types of contact us pages, coming soon page, 2 types of countdown page, 404 error page, FAQ page and planner page.
  4. Shortocodes support to add text, images, navigation styles, lists, image galleries, countdowns, widgets, video backgrounds, titles, tabbed content, pricing tables, buttons, parallax, modals, intro sections, grid structures, alerts, video inline, typography, titles center, progress bars, icon boxes and accordions anywhere in your music and singer Drupal theme.
  5. Multiple types of portfolio page layouts including contained portfolio page layout with 2-4 columns, wide portfolio page layout with 2-4 columns, parallax portfolio page layout and single project portfolio page layout.
  6. Multiple types of blog page layouts including listing blog page layout with sidebar left, listing blog page layout with sidebar right, listing blog page layout with no sidebar, masonry blog page layout with sidebar left, masonry blog page layout with sidebar right, masonry blog page layout with 2 columns, masonry blog page layout with 3 columns, single blog page layout with sidebar left, single blog page layout with sidebar right, single blog page layout with no sidebar and simple feed blog page layout.
  7. Compatible with Drupal 8 and Bootstrap framework.
  8. Drag and drop page builder to easily edit your music and singer Drupal theme.

3) WeMusic Drupal Theme: WeMusic theme is a responsive musicians Drupal theme which comes with 4 types of homepage layouts.

WeMusic Drupal Theme


  1. Responsive musicians Drupal theme.
  2. 4 types of homepage layouts including homepage layout with video, homepage layout with parallax, homepage layout with revolution and homepage layout with shop.
  3. 3 types of events page layouts including events page layout with list, events page layout with grid and events page layout with details.
  4. 2 types of albums page layouts including regular albums page layout and single albums page layout.
  5. 3 types of blog page layouts including blog page layout with list, blog page layout with details and blog page layout with 2 columns.
  6. Compatible with Drupal 7 and Bootstrap framework.
  7. Built by using HTML5 and CSS3.
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