Best WordPress Plugin To Add Hashtag Functionality In Blog

Best WordPress Plugin To Add Hashtag Functionality In Blog
Hashtag is a concept of categorizing keywords in a post which is used in Twitter, Instagram and Google+ these days. Other users can find relevant posts which have a particular hashtag. It’s most important usage is in Instagram where people can look for newly added photos based on hashtags. In this post, I will discuss about a WordPress plugin, which can be used for adding hashtags in a WordPress blog.

Here are the features of this plugin:

1) Hashtag system: By using this plugin you can add a hashtag system in your blog. When you are creating a post you can prefix a keyword with # like #keyword, where, keyword is the word you wish to hashtag. For Example, #WordPress. Now you can publish the post as usual. In the post, users can now click on the hashtag #WordPress to see the instances where it has been used in your blog.

2) Keyword auto-complete: When you type hashtag and start typing the keyword, you will get keyword suggestions as you enter it.

3) Customize hashtag settings: You can edit the hashtag styles, hashtag count, hashtag wrap in content, thumbnail effects, hashtag preview, hashtag presets, scrollbars, layouts, as per your requirements from the plugin settings page.

4) Minimum occurrence of word: You can set up minimum number of occurrences required to show hashtags in the posts.

5) Links instead of hashtags: You can also replace the hashtags with regular links.

6) Enable hashtags in specific regions: You can set up hashtags to be only displayed in posts, pages, comments, or in custom post types.

7) Animations: You can change the in animation and the out animation for the hashtags. Plugin provides different animation options like fade in, zoom from front, zoom from back, slide from top, slide from left, slide from bottom, slide from right, flip from bottom, flip from top, flip from left, and flip from right.

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