Best WordPress Plugin To Add Counter, Countdown Timer

Best WordPress Plugin To Add Counter, Countdown Timer
If you a need a counter for your WordPress blog then this WordPress plugin is awesome. You can create and add counters in minutes. You can add the counters anywhere in the blog whether it is sidebar or in content area. You can also change the look and feel of the counter.

Here are the features of this plugin:

1) Type of counter: Counters can be set in both ways: count up and count down.

2) Counter expiry URL: Counters when expired display an expiry URL which you can enter while setting up the counter from the plugin settings page.

3) Counter settings: For a counter you can add header text, select timezone settings, and add single or recurring events. You can also put heading and other descriptions along with the counter. Counter is in sync with the server time so you don’t have to worry about local time of any users system.

4) Inline counters: You can also display counters inline or in a text format. Extra HTML content can be added along with the counters.

5) Callbacks in counter: You can also set call backs in the counter say you wish to display some content after a particular duration of time.

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