Best WordPress Plugin to Split and Paginate Long Posts

Best WordPress Plugin to Split and Paginate Long Posts
This post is about a WordPress plugin which can be used to split or paginate long posts and pages in your WordPress blog. Long posts and pages can be split automatically and page numbers will be added for long posts or pages.

You can set up the character limit from the plugin settings page for automatically adding pagination for long posts and pages. You can disable automatic splitting of specific posts and pages.

Advantage of splitting long posts is that the paginated posts will load faster than the long post. Thus, reducing the page loading speed of your blog which is an important factor in SEO and user experience. It is specifically useful for posts and pages which are extremely long like 3,000 to 4,000 words.

Also, when you split your long post in to multiple paginated pages, number of pageviews in your blog will be increased and bounce rate will be decreased. You can also use this feature to create lists in your posts and pages. In every post or a page you can add one list item.

Here are the features of this WordPress plugin:

1) Split or paginate long posts, pages automatically: From the plugin settings page you can set up the limit for the number of characters. Posts and pages which are longer than the specified character limit will be automatically split and paginated.

2) Enable or disable per post and per page settings: You also have the option to override the global settings and enable or disable pagination on a per post or on a per page basis.

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