Add Animation In Drop Down Date Archives Widget In WordPress

Add Animation In Drop Down Date Archives Widget In WordPress
If your blog is very old then you might know that the archive widget gets bigger and bigger over time. After some time it will start increasing the loading time of your blog which is not very good as far as the SEO is concerned.  One option is to make it drop down. You can do this from the widgets settings. However, if you wish to add animation in the archive widgets so that users can drop down the archive widget one by one based  on months or even dates, then you can use this WordPress plugin.

Here are the features of this plugin:

1) Types of archive widgets: Plugin comes with four different types of archive widgets. Every archive widget has different types of options. You can create archive widgets for date archive, category and taxonomy archive, hierarchy content menu and navigation menu.

2) Shortcodes support: Widget can be added in the sidebar or it can be added anywhere in your blog by using short codes.

3) Animation types: There are a variety of animations available with the plugin which you can set up as per your requirements. You can also set up the animation speed.

4) Custom CSS: You have the option to add CSS class and CSS styles for widgets.

5) Caching: Plugin uses cached data to be displayed in the widgets. This makes your blog load faster.

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