Add Custom Post Editor With More Functions In WordPress Blog

Add Custom Post Editor With More Functions In WordPress Blog
If you want more functions in the post or page editor of your WordPress blog then, by using this WordPress plugin you can add a custom post editor. Custom post editor supports auto complete of HTML closing tags, shortcodes support, keyboard shortcuts, search and replace feature, automatic closing of brackets, automatic closing of shortcodes, option to change post editor themes, different options to change post editor settings and automatic indentation.

Here are the features of this WordPress plugin:

1) Auto complete of HTML closing tags: When you type HTML tags in custom post editor then HTML closing tags are automatically added. Also, the editor throws suggestions for HTML tags. You can enable or disable this feature as per your requirements.

2) Shortcodes support: Custom post editor supports shortcodes and you can use them directly in the editor. Shortcodes are closed automatically. You have the option to enable or disable the automatic closing of shortcodes.

3) Keyboard shortcuts: Custom post editor comes with various types of keyboard shortcuts which can be used to simplify typing tasks. For Example, you can duplicate a typed line by pressing Ctrl + Shift + D and you can delete a line by pressing Ctrl + Shift + K.

4) Search and replace: Custom post editor supports search and replace feature and you can replace any text string in the editor.

5) Post editor themes: Custom post editor comes with various types of pre-designed themes. You can select any one as per your choice.

6) Post editor settings: From the custom post editor settings, you can select a font for the editor, font size, line height, show or hide line numbers, enable or disable line wrapping, enable or disable automatic adding of <br /> tags and enable or disable automatic closing of brackets.

7) Automatic indentation: In custom post editor, indentation is automatically applied. You can enable or disable automatic indentation for the editor. Also, you have the option to select the indent unit.

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