Add jQuery Tooltips Presentation For Posts In WordPress

Add jQuery Tooltips Presentation For Posts In WordPress
By using this WordPress plugin you can add a jQuery tooltips based presentation or a modal window based presentation for posts, pages and custom post types in WordPress blog. This presentation is specifically useful if you want to show features of your website or any step by step walkthroughs and instructions for your visitors. These presentation can be started automatically when a visitor arrives or can be started by the click of a button. You have the option to select a presentation template and create your own presentation layouts. Presentations can be easily created by using the presentation manager and you can view live previews while editing the presentations.

Here are the features of this WordPress plugin:

1) Presentation templates: This WordPress plugin comes with four types of pre designed presentation templates. You can choose any one for your presentation.

2) Custom presentation layout: You can create your own presentation layout by using the presentation builder. You have the option to add the layout title, select a presentation template, select color for the buttons in the presentation, select button contrast, enable or disable pause button and enable or disable previous button.

3) Presentation Manager: You can create new presentations by using presentation manager. You can select the resource type which is a post, a page or a custom post type. Then you can select the particular post or the page for which you want to add the presentation. You can enable the auto run option which makes sure that the presentation is started automatically. From the presentation manager you can add step by step tooltips and modal windows for the presentation. You can add the content for the tooltips and then you can select the position for the tooltips and modal windows.

4) Live previews for presentations: From the presentation manager you can view live previews for the tooltips and the modal windows.

5) Cookies support: You have the option to enable cookies for the presentation. When you enable cookies the current step for the presentation is saved and if the user reloads the page, the presentation will be started from the current step.

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