How To Automatically Add Tags In Posts In WordPress Blog

How To Automatically Add Tags In Posts In WordPress Blog
If you post many blogs in a day then even adding tags can be a hectic job. You got to pick the right keywords then separate them with commas. Instead of that you can simply use this WordPress plugin to add the tags automatically in your blog posts. Plugin scans your posts for relevant keywords and then automatically adds them to the list of tags. To set it up, all you have to do is configure it to tell how to pick the tags from the posts, like matching whole words from posts, adding synonyms and relevant keywords, etc. After you have configured the plugin you can create posts as you normally do and just forget about the tags. Tags will be automatically added in your post by the plugin.

Here are the features of this plugin:

1) Add tag list: After you have enabled the plugin, you can create a list of general tags based on niche of your blog. This tag list is helpful for the plugin in inserting automatic tags for posts.

2) Scan post title: From the plugin settings page, you have the option to enable scan post title. When you enable this option, post title of blog posts are also scanned for relevant keywords.

3) Other settings: You can set up other conditions from the plugin settings page for plugin to find relevant keywords.

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