Let Users Send Discount Coupons To Friends In WooCommerce

Let Users Send Discount Coupons To Friends In WooCommerce
In this post, I will discuss about a WordPress plugin which can be used for adding an invite discount coupon feature in your WooCommerce store. By using this plugin you can add a discount system in your WooCommerce store, such that users of your store can send discount coupons to their friends. Plugin adds a form in your store by using which users can send discount coupons to their friends.

Advantages of invite discount coupon feature in WooCommerce store:

1) Discount coupons for friends: When a user sends a discount coupon to their friends, it encourages them to buy products in your store.

2) Discount coupons for users: After a user sends a discount coupon to a friend, they also receive a discount.

Features of this plugin:

1) Coupon settings: As an admin of your WooCommerce store, you can select if you want to offer a discount percentage, for example 10% or a discount value in your store, for example $10. You also have options to select coupon duration in days for which it will be valid and whether it should be for individual use.

2) Shortcode support: You can add the form anywhere in your WooCommerce store for your users to offer discounts to their friends by using shortcodes.

3) Invite email settings: You have the option to change the text in heading, subject line and body of the email which would be sent as an invite email. Also, you can use different placeholders for personalizing the emails.

4) Auto coupon code creation: When you apply the settings, coupon codes are automatically created and they expire after the specified coupon duration.

5) Email address check: Before sending the coupons to friends of users, plugin checks if the email address is already registered. If it is already registered then the user will get a notification that this email address is already registered and they should use the invite form for a new one.

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