Top 3 Auto Post WordPress Plugins To Publish From RSS Feeds

In this post, I will discuss about best 3 auto post WordPress plugins to automatically publish content from RSS feeds. You can use these WordPress plugins to automatically post articles and content to your WordPress blog posts from Facebook posts, airport listings, flight listings, articles from other websites, Twitter tweets, Amazon products and restaurants with locations.

You can also automatically create posts from YouTube videos, AliExpress products, social profiles, hotel information, Clickbank products, movies information, job listings, XE currencies posts, Vimeo videos, Walmart products, Reddit posts, celebrity information, SoundCloud audio, DailyMotion videos, sports scores, Flickr images, recipes, news, Craigslist classified posts, weather forecasts, Instagram images, Pinterest pins, iTunes songs and any other websites.

Items from all the above given feeds can be posted as a blog post. You can also search and replace text from the feed automatically. For products you can also automatically add affiliate links. You have the option to automatically add images, translate content in any language, search and replace texts, remove comments and codes, set status and author information for posts and to remove specific keywords as per your requirements.

Here is the list of top 3 auto post WordPress plugins to automatically publish content from RSS feeds:

1) Automatic WordPress Plugin: Automatic WordPress Plugin is a premium auto post WordPress plugin. It is the best, most popular and top selling auto post WordPress plugin.

Automatic WordPress Plugin


  1. Premium auto post WordPress plugin.
  2. Compatible with WooCommerce WordPress plugin.
  3. You can automatically post content from Facebook, Twitter, Amazon, YouTube, Clickbank, Vimeo, Walmart, Reddit, SoundCloud, DailyMotion, Flickr, Craigslist, Instagram, Pinterest and iTunes.
  4. Option to search and replace text string from feeds.
  5. Option to set post time as time given in feed.
  6. Option to extract categories, tags, and author name from feeds.
  7. Option to skip posts without images, non English posts and posts with content.
  8. Option to extract images from feeds.
  9. Option to create original titles for each and every post.
  10. Automatically fix formatting as per WordPress.
  11. Option to post oldest items first or newest items first from the feed.
  12. Option to add affiliate links for products automatically.
  13. Option to search content from Amazon and post based on search criteria.
  14. Option to find products based on keywords.
  15. Compatible with WordPress multi site and network site.
  16. Option to remove links from feed items and post them to blog.
  17. Automatically add links for specific keywords.
  18. Option to translate the content before posting.
  19. Option to exclude specific keywords in posts.
  20. Option to automatically add advertisements in posts.

2) Social Auto Poster WordPress Plugin: Social Auto Poster WordPress Plugin is a responsive premium social media auto post WordPress plugin.

Social Auto Poster WordPress Plugin


  1. Responsive premium social auto post WordPress plugin.
  2. Compatible with WooCommerce WordPress plugin.
  3. Translation support.
  4. Option to automatically create title, custom fields, tags, content, excerpt and featured images.
  5. Option to set date, set status, enable or disable comments for posts and author for posts.
  6. Option to check if the posts are unique before publishing.

3) WP Content Crawler WordPress Plugin: WP Content Crawler WordPress Plugin is a Premium auto poster WordPress plugin.

WP Content Crawler WordPress Plugin


  1. Premium auto post WordPress plugin.
  2. Option to schedule the posts for auto post.
  3. Option to automatically translate posts before publishing.
  4. Add featured images with posts.
  5. Option to add custom HTML and meta description for posts.
  6. Select templates for posts.
  7. Option to schedule, re crawl and delete posts.
  8. Set up post status as published or as draft posts.
  9. Option to enable or disable comments for posts.
  10. Assign the author for posts automatically.
  11. Option to find and replace codes and phrases.
  12. Option to password protect posts.
  13. Publish posts as paginated posts.
  14. Option to automatically remove ads, comments and CSS codes from posts.
  15. Shortcodes support.
  16. Duplicate post checking.
  17. Translation support.
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