5 Ways To Improve Creative And English Essay Writing Skills

Think about the last truly profound book you read. While you are turning the pages, everything flows, sounds amazing, and is highly inspiring. It also makes tons of sense. A couple of days later, you just want to talk about that book, what it is about, and what it has come to mean to you.

The magic, you might want to know, is not really in the content. It all lies in the style that was used. Remember, the English language (if that’s the language you are going to use in your writing) only has 26 letters. However, the style used to combine these letters into words, words into sentences, sentences into paragraphs, and paragraphs into chapters all contribute to the effectiveness of the writing.

So, how can you master this kind of art? Consider the following ways to improve your writing style:

1. Be Specific

Mediocre writing is separated from effective writing by the specific and concrete illustrations used (or not used). Using vague language, to this end, will weaken your writing. It effective forces your readers to try to guess what you actually mean instead of giving them the ability to fully concentrate on your style and ideas.

Therefore, to improve your writing style, consider choosing more specific and descriptive words.

2. Be Concise

In the same way, you certainly don’t want to bore your readers with extra-long paragraphs. The best strategy to improve your writing style and make your words clearer and easier to understand is to use short sentences. Period.

As you go through your writing, break up your long sentences into a couple of shorter ones. By so doing, you will make your writing easier to digest, which is the ultimate goal anyway.

3. Avoid Referencing Yourself

While learning how to improve your writing style, try to cut out all points where you refer to yourself. Unless you are writing an autobiography, referring to yourself not only comes off sounding pompous, it is also extremely boring.

To this end, cut out such unnecessary phrases as In My Opinion, I Feel, and I Believe. The reader already knows that your writing is based on your own opinion. Similarly, remove anything that refers back to you. The reader certainly doesn’t need it.

4. Evade Redundancies

The needless repetition of words and ideas in a single work makes for a tiresome read. For instance, it is redundant to write about a novice with no experience because the word novice already means that the subject lacks experience.

Therefore, you should consider eliminating every phrase or word that can be eliminated without necessarily changing the meaning of your sentence.

5. Use Verbs

Another strategy for improving your writing style revolves around normalization. This refers to the process of turning adjectives and verbs into nouns. For instance, the normalization of Precise Measurement would be the Precision of Measurement.

When you normalize, you make your sentences sound weaker and look longer. For this purpose, you can use an essay vocabulary.


There are many other ways to improve writing style. However, the above should get you started on your way to better, more impactful writing. Use these tips to guide you as you develop into a more profound, formidable, and lovable writer.

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