How To Prioritize The Evidence And Data If You Are A Writer

Writing can be a perfect way to express otherwise inexpressible emotions, at the same time, if not done right, writing can be a complete mess. So how do we write an essay or an article that stands out and keeps the reader interested? As hard as this may seem, there are easy tiny essay hacks to a good essay. Everyone has a writing process. Every writer has a map to follow. We all have uncountable essay ideas every day, the trick is just to write the most irresistible piece one possibly can.

Essay types

There are numerous essay types. Some of these include:

– Narrative essay

– Descriptive

– Expository

– Persuasive

It is okay if you’re not good at all of them. Take the time to figure out what essay type suits you, then work in that direction. Be sure to use the writing style that works best with you. Remember, everyone cannot write all kinds of essays in all styles of writing. One, who can write mind-blowing narratives, cannot always write decent descriptive essays. Be smart and know yourself. Once you have figured out your strengths, writing an essay becomes a joy ride.

Rough draft

When you begin writing, take out a moment and make a rough draft. This should always be your first step. As silly as this may sound, organizing the jumbled ideas makes your writing smooth and easy to go through. Don’t forget, your main goal is to make your writing as reader friendly as possible.

Essay outline

Once you’re done with the rough draft, form an outline. This approach is also known as the snowflake. The idea is to write the outline in a few sentences, then expanding each sentence into a paragraph and so on. This way you don’t lose sight of the full picture, your ideas stay in order and you get all your thoughts out in the given word limit.

Essay hooks

Essay writing can be tricky but once you have grabbed the readers’ attention, you have taken the first step. For this, the first few sentences of the essay are very important. Try to make them as interesting and composed as possible, you wouldn’t want the reader to get bored and drift away right in the beginning now would you?


Essay conclusion leaves an equally important impact as the beginning. Be sure to summarize all your ideas and to make the impact stronger, give a solution or opinion. An easy read is nothing if it doesn’t leave an impression in the readers’ mind.


Many of us sometimes forget the single most important thing when it comes to writing. Inspiration. Look around. There is inspiration hidden in the tiniest of things. Use it as a fuel to energize your writing. There is nothing more beautiful and indestructible than an inspired writer. Be of that kind.

Writing is simple once you have an idea in mind and an organized work ethic. There is a writer in all of you waiting to come out. So grab a paper and a pen, use a research sources for your work. Follow this simple writing guide and make your essay the kind that leaves the readers wanting more.

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