Chitika Introduces In-Text Ad Units Linx: Double Earnings

Chitika Introduces In-Text Ad Units Linx: Double Earnings
Chitika recently launched it’s In-Text ad unit which they are calling it as Linx and as a promotional offer they are offering you double the revenue what you make in December and January by Linx. Say, if you make $100 they will pay you $200.

So what is Linx?

It is yet another In-Text ad solution where you can put in-text ads in your blog posts. These ads will be in the form of PPC double underlined links and when you hover over a pop up box appears. Well, they work just like Infolinks.

The Competition:

I have been using Infolinks and Chitika both on my blogs for many years but I guess for In-Text ads Chitika will really have to pay well or do something miraculous to get along with Infolinks. Infolinks has been one of my favorites when it comes to In-Text ad networks because of their innovative products, professional customer service and high end research. Well, when it comes to search based ads Chitika has been the same for many years. They have created some nice products with good customer service and timely payouts. However, the In-Text ad market of Infolinks has been pretty solid in recent years. So, how Linx will turn out in future, remains to be seen.

Can I use Infolinks and Chitika Linx both on my blog?

Probably not. Because both are In-Text ad networks and you can’t use both of them in the same page. Also, if you use both you will have 20 links of ads in your text which is too much.

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