Best WordPress Plugin To Add Falling Snow Flakes Animation

Best WordPress Plugin To Add Falling Snow Flakes Animation
By using this WordPress plugin you can add falling snow and flakes effect in your blog.  When flakes fall they even melt and rotate at the end of the screen. This animation is useful for spicing up your WordPress blog for Winters, or if it is a festive season like Christmas. It is a great way to change the look of your blog in a holiday season. Apart from snow flakes you can also add gift boxes and jewelry animations. These animations are theme independent and will work with any WordPress theme. It is a light WordPress plugin and will not slow down your blog.

Here are the features:

1) Five snow flake styles: Plugin comes with five types of snow flake animations: Tiny flakes, medium flakes, blizzard, frozen flakes, and clickable HTML flakes . You can choose anyone for your blog.

2) Add links in snow flakes: You can also add clickable links in the snow flakes.

3) Snow flake settings: From the plugin settings page, you can select number of snow flakes, speed of falling snow flakes, select wind, melting and rotation style.

4) Turn off snow button: You can add a Turn off snow button. Users can click on this button to disable snow flakes in your blog.

5) Snow flakes on homepage only: You have the option to display snow flakes only on homepage or on all pages of your blog.

If you want to add Christmas carols in your blog along with the snow flakes animation then you can use this plugin. You also have option to select your own tunes and songs.

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