6 ReactJS Web Development Tips To Create Websites And Apps

6 ReactJS Web Development Tips To Create Websites And Apps

If you are a website designer/developer, you must have heard about the ReactJS. A good number of individuals from the web deployment community use React JavaScript to create awesome websites and on-demand applications. Despite its rapidly increasing popularity, there are a good number of individuals (especially newcomers) that are not aware of it fully. So, what exactly is React JS? How does it help in the creation of awesome websites and applications? Just read this article to know all those facts.

In simple words, React JavaScript is a new JavaScript library. It is used by a large number of web developers all around the world to create user interfaces of websites or web applications. You must learn React JS if you want to develop interfaces easily and quickly. You can add React JavaScript library with other JavaScript libraries (such as jQuery, AngularJS, Redux) and make websites/ applications stunning.

Every website builder uses React JavaScrip in his/her own way while creating websites and web applications. However, there are some basic practices that should be followed by everyone. Have a look at some fundamental practices that must be implemented when you use React JS:

1) Make Use of React JS 16

While creating websites and applications, every web developer tries to make his/her end products unique, attractive and appealing to the clients and the targeted customers. From this point of view, you must use React 16 as far as possible.

It was released recently and offers some improvements like the support for custom DOM attributes, Fiber Architecture, etc. Just exploit the goodness of all the available features to make your website or web application more customer-friendly. If you don’t have any idea about as how to do it, get in touch with a React.JS Web Development company.

2) Optimize Your Website/App for Slow Devices

There are a large number of people in some countries that browse websites or web applications on slow devices with an extremely slow internet connection. So, when you create websites or web applications using the React JS, don’t make a mistake of getting satisfied with the fact that your website/app loads quickly on Macbook.

Just use Lighthouse to evaluate your website or webpage and what needs to be done to make them more authentic. Just get in touch with professional SEO individuals or a company optimize your website/app for slow devices/connections. This will help millions of viewers to access your website/app on slow internet connections and give lots of business opportunities to you.

3) Go Offline from Time-To-Time

Just be prudent and optimize your website/app to be used on shaky connection or in offline mode. You can use the Offline Cookbook to get acquainted with different offline caching strategies. Just prepare your website data and content for online use. Here, you need to take the help of professional React.JS Web developers if you don’t know how to get started and optimize your website/app to be used in offline mode.

4) Get Acquainted with the Platform

As a web developer and designer, you must know that people love websites with easily searchable URLs, popups, search bar, etc. If these things are missing on your website, visitors get frustrated. Therefore, you need to go extra miles and integrate your website properly with the browser. You should also have a deep knowledge of new Web APIs. It will enable you to control your website/app fully and make the best use of that.

5) Adopt the KISS Rule

Today’s web design and development industry work on the principle of the KISS rule. KISS=keep it super simple. So, select the website design elements and tools wisely. Try to keep your website/app as simple as you can. For example- Create-react-app bootstraps allows you to complete the web development projects within a few days and in a few commands. You must work with easy-to-use to complete the coding, designing and testing work.

6) Avoid the Use of className and Style in Your components

Avoid the use of classNames and style in your components while creating websites and applications if you want to maintain their look and feel at all the times. Just get more knowledge about the default set of styles and know their exact applications. It prevents you from breaking the UI of your website/app.

For Instance: In place of:

<button type=”button” className=”btn btn-primary”>Press me!</button>,

You can use

<Button primary>Press me!</Button>

Final Words

Web developers use the latest features and programming languages (such as Virtual DOM or Isomorphic JavaScript, React JS) to create high-performance websites and applications without worrying about their complexity level.

Web developers that use the React JS must reuse the code, adopt the component-oriented approach and develop the ability to change the existing components easily. It helps them to create different types of websites and applications perfectly using the React JS. You can hire React.JS Web developers to complete your web development assignments easily and effortlessly and learn new design elements too.

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