Ecommerce Website Personalization To Increase Conversion Rate

Ecommerce Website Personalization To Increase Conversion Rate

To get your customers, there are various marketing strategies that you can choose that will lead to getting a huge traffic to your website. But is it enough to only get a lot of traffic on the website? I guess it’s not. Because you can’t guarantee that the traffic you got on your website will make a purchase from you or not. All marketing strategies, the money, the time and the efforts spent on digital marketing will have vanished if your website enables the users to engage with itself or make them your customers.

The website you have for E-commerce purpose must have the standard that can convince the customers to buy something or to make them feel that the website is worth using or the services are worth using.

The customers feel special when someone knows their name or they know about them a little. When websites send messages to their customers according to their search history or their purchase history or to thank them for using the services. It makes the customers feel that they are important to you and want them to stay with them for long.

You can know better your customers by personalizing your website and you may know exactly what your customers are seeking from you which makes it easy to make them buy the things they like and obviously the selling of your product will also increase.

Before discussing the tricks for personalizing, let me tell you that personalizing is all about gathering more and more information or data of customers and then use it in to make results for them.

Tracking what customers are going to your website: Collecting the information about what the customer is searching is one of the factors that will help in knowing your customer better. You can track the page-views of the customers and search what they are looking for on that page. The page must be related to the interest of the customer as they have visited it for a reason.

This information will help in showing the customer the related data or the products similar to that they are looking for. It will also make it easy to go for the products of their choice.

You can’t directly ask the customer what they are looking for and definitely, they will not be able to describe exactly what they want to have. This survey will definitely help you in serving your customer.

Survey responses:

Making Surveys to get responses from the customers leads to improvement in the services as well as essential to getting information about what customers are looking to have the services you are providing.

There are many ways to get the responses from the customers. Some of them are:

  • Email: Emails are the most popular way to get in touch with the customers. After the customers make any purchase, they provide a review or any query, you can ask them about your services to them and they would love to respond to that.
  • Website page: You can make a pop-up or something like that asking for your services which will directly ask the customers when they visit the website.
  • Social media: You can get the responses to your queries by posting the survey on the largest social media platform like Facebook or Twitter and get a large number of responses there.

Interact by showing ads:

The undeniable truth is that most of the traffic of users on your website just come and go without buying anything.

But nothing to worry about thanks to the re-marketing strategies that make the visitors of your website see the ads of your products over the Internet again and again. As re-targeting campaigns are able to take some cookies and use them in searching about the visitors a little and then they target the visitors easily on the other sites they are visiting and get to see your ads over there.

But showing them the ads only is not enough, also get to know how they respond to your ads either they sign up or just ignore it. This will help in knowing if the visitor is interested in your services or not.

Improve the emails quality: The emails you are sending to your customers must not be annoying to the customers. Make sure that you are doing everything in a right way and not forcing the customers to respond to you and give any reviews. In such case, you may lose your customer rather than gaining them. So be aware while making the emails and asking again and again for anything you want to get about them.

Conclusion: Personalization has been popular much than before. Every business has the need to make the personalized website in the case to ensure the conversion rates to be high and also provides better user experience to the customers.

Not only as a marketing strategy or getting more engagement, you can make your services better by knowing the needs of your customers and can get a chance to know about how you can make your services better.

Every study has proven that personalizing the website has a lot of positive effects on the conversion rate of your business and the website having are more likely to be usable by the customers.

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