Get Dedicated Readers For Your blog From Contests, Giveaways

No matter what is the niche of your blog, you can always drive more serious readers to your blog by engaging them in contests and giveaways. Contests could be organized in a blog of any niche. Say if it’s a photography blog then you could have a photo contest, for a professional blog it could be an article writing contest.

Here are the reasons why contests are beneficial to your blog:

1) Contest makes a blog more interactive: Apart from reading the content what you publish, contests provides an interface to the user to collaborate. That way there will be many minds working on your blog.

2) Creates a brand name: When a user visits to your blog by a search engine, he’s looking for a particular topic. Probably he will read it and if he’s thrilled he might subscribe to your blog. However, when you run a contest you make a reader curious as to when the contest will be ending, who’s the winner and whats going on in your blog. That way he will remember your blog brand and he will be a constant visitor to your blog.

3) Quality content: When someone takes part in a contest they do it for winning. That way they will create the best possible content for you. By running contests you just don’t get content but quality content.

4) Provides something in return to your readers: Everyone likes gifts and your visitors will surely love to win free gifts by contributing their skills.

5) Turns your blog in to a community: Users will not just contribute they would love to read what others are posting. That increases more comments and discussions in your blog.

6) More visitors to your blog: It’s a no brainer that more content means more visitors and traffic to your blog.

7) Cuts some slack for the admin: As an admin of the blog you can relax for a little bit from blogging. You can take a break from your regular writing schedules as you are getting content by the help of the contest.

8) More relevant links: If your blog contest is an interesting one then your visitors will blog about it. That way you will get more links for your blog.

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