How To Create And Plan For A Successful Professional Blog

There are millions of blogs created every year, but the question is how many make it to the top? Even that’s a far off hit. How many make it to the next year? Almost 90% of the blogs which are created out of passion and when the passion is gone, so does the blog. Passion is required in blogging, however blogging is yet another type of business and every business requires proper planning and implementation. Here are the points which will help you build a successful pro blog:

1) Identification of the target audience: Before writing anything you have to understand the target audience for which you are creating a blog. It can be small businesses, large businesses, communities, and specific niches. When you have understood about your target audience then you can underrated what kind of content you should be creating for them. That way you will create content for a specific audience. This will keep you from deviating from the topic.

2) Creating a persona: Then you have to put yourself in the target audience’s shoes and you have to think what would really be the content they are looking for. Creating a persona makes things easier as it you can understand easily what’s going on in the mind of your target audience.

3) Step by step approach: Now, you know your audience and you also know what you have to do. However, you should streamline your tasks and break it down in steps. This will make things easier. Also, you can track which tasks are completed and which are ongoing.

4) Creating unique and interesting content: You have to make sure that you are creating unique content in your blog. Also, your content should be interesting to read.

5) Useful content: Almost 90% of your traffic will be coming from search engines and useful content is what people are interested in.

6) WordPress: Almost all the top blogs in the globe are using WordPress as the blogging platform and it’s a no brainer to use the same.

7) Professional WordPress theme: When you are doing something, do it right. A professional WordPress theme can do wonders for your blog. It is coded perfectly in every way and its sole purpose is to drive visitors to your blog. In this case my vote goes to Genesis. Awesome theme framework and search engines love it.

8) Navigation and user friendliness: Make sure your blog is easy to navigate and people can access the content of your blog easily. Making things simple is actually a great idea when you are building a professional blog.

9) Easy to read: A user in your blog has arrived just for reading and you need to make sure that you use fonts which are easy to read.

10) Marketing: No matter how great the product is, you have to market it properly. Follow guidelines while marketing your blog. Do not post links excessively.

11) Social Media: Always use social media for marketing. Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, etc. will increase the reach of your blog.

12) Monetization: Monetize your blog at the right time. Don’t start monetizing it from day 1. It is futile and it will serve no purpose. When you get a decent amount of traffic in your blog then it is the right time to monetize and when you do that, don’t flood your site with advertisements. It doesn’t look professional.

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