Increase Sales By Creating Apps For iPhone, iOS, Android

If you provide services in your blog, then it is a great idea to create apps for iPhone, Android, Windows and Symbian mobile devices. You just have to make sure that the apps you are creating are unique. It may go out of budget for small scale blogs and sites, but in the long run you will make profits for sure. An app may not be a feasible solution for many blogs and services. However, if you think that it fits your bill, then you must give a shot at it. You will see a steady increase in number of sales of your services.

Okay! lets see the stats first!

  • According to comScore more than 100 million users in US alone are using smart phones.
  • Number of users who use smart phones in the world has grown to more than 1 billion.
  • According to Gartner research, more than 45 billion apps have been downloaded in 2012.

Its a no brainer to figure out that these numbers will keep increasing as there are plethora of new apps releasing on a daily basis. One of the primary reasons for buying tablet devices like iPad is no other than apps. If your app is interesting, unique and useful, it would be downloaded for sure. You may release a light version for free. That way, you can increase the download rate as almost anyone likes to try something before they buy.

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