How To Let Users Attach Images In Comments In WordPress Blog

How To Let Users Attach Images In Comments In WordPress Blog
By using this WordPress plugin users of your blog can attach images in the comments. It would certainly be beneficial for the photo bloggers. Your readers can select the images from their computer and upload them in the comments section.

Here are the features of this plugin: 

1) Allow only logged in users to comment on images: You have the option to enable only the logged in users of your site to post images in comments.

2) Image size limit: From the plugin settings page, you can set the image size limit for both logged in users and the guest users.

3) File types: You can let users post images in comments with the following file types: jpeg, pjpeg, png and gif. You can also allow only certain file types for logged in and guest users.

4) Comment moderation: The images along with the comments can be moderated as usual from the admin section.

5) Automatically re-size images: After they upload the images, it will be automatically re-sized.  Images are shown as thumbnails in the comments.

6) Image upload buttons: You have the option to change the default location of image upload button. Also, you can use custom CSS.

7) Upload multiple images: You also have the option to allow your users to upload many images in the comments.

8) Block users based on IP addresses: You can block users by using IP addresses from the plugin settings page. The users who are blocked will not be able to upload images in comments. This feature will be helpful for stopping spam comments.

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