5 Common SEO Mistakes, Misconceptions And Myths To Avoid

Professionals in marketing sometimes claim that the marketing industry is a very exciting one, marketing and promoting your own business can be confusing if you are not familiar with basic concepts. The modern world demands that companies use different marketing strategies to promote their products. There is stiff competition among players in various industries, competition is a factor that makes it necessary for businesses to be constantly creative.

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Search engine optimization, email marketing, content marketing and social media are some of the most common online marketing approaches that are being used today. It is however important for any marketer to understand SEO before they start using this kind of promotion strategy. When evaluating or ordering any SEO service, both the customer and service provider should clearly understand the concept of the service. This will help avoid any careless mistakes and misplaced expectations. In this post we are going to look at some SEO misconceptions that even SEO professionals have.

1) Social media marketing does not help in SEO

Nothing could be further from the truth. Research indicates that social media platforms play an important role in determining search engine rankings. For instance, the people with whom one shares information may influence the ranking of your website by linking to or mentioning the content you have shared. Social media accounts that generally post constructive and informative content on a consistent basis will send positive signals to the various search engines. No business can afford to ignore the important role of social media sites.

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2) SEO is generally spam

Due to the large number of SEO scams, people assume that SEO tactics aren’t effective. Any business that subscribes to this line of thought risks missing out on the numerous marketing opportunities that SEO presents. Besides the fact that SEO services can lead to better rankings for any website, basic on-site SEO is crucial if you want to influence how your site displays in search results. Every business should make sure that they produce quality, legible web content, strong online relationships and that they are active when it comes to social media participation. Such techniques can help the business to build as well as grow its brand.

3) Only great content helps in ranking

There is no doubt that quality content contributes positively to better rankings on search engines. Quality content is among the various parameters that are used in ranking online sites but it is not enough to have quality content alone. Having quality backlinks is a reliable way to secure better search engine rankings for a website, all SEO service providers should work to improve a websites rankings in line with relevant optimization techniques.

4) Ranking is the most important aspect

Most people hold the belief that SEO is largely about clinching the top spot on search engines. It is critical to note that good rankings will only boost the visibility of an online site. There is no guarantee that such visibility will directly translate to more traffic or customers. Quality content however will help in converting traffic and achieving this goal.

5) More keywords are better for SEO

Keyword stuffing is still one of the most common mistakes in SEO. Contrary to misguided belief that it can increase the rankings of a site, keyword stuffing may lead to a particular website being penalized by most search engines. Keyword stuffing can also discourage online users from visiting a website.


The most reliable way through which one can demystify these myths is by conducting sufficient research. In this day of Information Technology, the internet gives numerous informative sources. This information will be crucial before ordering any kind of SEO service.

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