10 Ways To Get More Views On Your LinkedIn Pulse Blog Posts

10 Ways To Get More Views On Your LinkedIn Pulse Blog Posts

In this post, I will discuss 10 easy methods to get one hundred times the views you are now getting on your LinkedIn Pulse Blog Posts. This is not an exaggeration. Read on and you will see why this is a realistic number. Don’t get me wrong, I really like Pulse. I have very nearly 10,000 1st level connections on LinkedIn now, and I love the idea of the possibility of a percentage of those 10k connections seeing my post on Pulse on LinkedIn. At the same time, I am also well aware that there are over one million professional bloggers on LinkedIn, all vying for eyeballs on their posts. Realistically, the chances of a large number of views on my posts on Pulse are actually quite slim.

I know that certain posts are chosen as editors picks and can get a big boost from that selection, and that influencers enjoy a huge readership by reason of their status. They are a very elite group of only five hundred or so influencers, out of 430 million LinkedIn members.

The reality is that most posts on LinkedIn will only get a few hundred views at most. At least that has been my experience on Pulse over the last year or so.

Here are some suggestions that can easily increase views of your posts by a factor of one hundred times, or more: 

1) Make sure you use a social sharing plugin on your blog, then share that post across your social networks. Why not share your posts across your social networks? There are many free social sharing plugins. Some even have minimum levels of automated sharing. If you have five thousand 1st level connections on LinkedIn, and thousands of friends on Facebook, Twitter, and the other social networks, this is one of the easiest ways to boost views of your posts.

2) Share on these additional social networking sites, in addition to Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Use Stumbleupon, Pinterest, Instagram, Triberr, Google+, Scoop.it, and BizSugar.

3) Quote or link to experts. You will increase your authority by references and links to recognized experts in your field.

4) Change your post into a different format. Use PowerPoint to create a presentation from your post and share it on Slideshare. (Slideshare is part of the LinkedIn network). There are 159 million pageviews on Slideshare every month.

5) Use Visual.ly to make an infographic from your posted information. There are over 100 different infographic sharing sites on the Internet. You could even go back to all of your social networks and reshare the information again in infographic format.

6) Use one word, 6-letter hashtags on the following sites; Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Google+, YouTube, and Tumblr, (not Facebook). Visit hashtag.org to find out which hashtags are the most popular in your particular niche. Use regular tags instead of hashtags on your WordPress blog post.

7) Post at Medium and Svbtle. These are blogging platforms that resemble online magazines, (without the images).

8) Submit to Blog directories in order to increase the reach of your posts. Just google search for them.

9) I saved the best for last. Use a brand new social network called Markethive. It is a site developed by and for entrepreneurs and small businesses. Not only are there a number of useful inbound marketing tools, there is a blogging platform that allows you to automatically share to your other social networks. This site alone could multiply your views by 10X or more, and in my experience it has done even better than that. It is totally free, but it is currently available only by invitation. Here is your invitation link.

10) If you are still posting manually on LinkedIn or Facebook to your news feed or to groups, you may want to take advantage of automated marketing tools to help in the process. This could save you huge amounts of time and dramatically increase views of your posts.

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