How To Compare Active WordPress Plugins Between Two Sites

How To Compare Active WordPress Plugins Between Two Sites

WordPress is an open source Content management system. It has become one of the best website development platforms of the present day. The list of WordPress features is really long including features from design to functionality and from SEO to Security nothing is left untouched in WordPress. It is considered one of CMS. Moreover, you can further improve the functionality of a WordPress site by using Plugins.

Plugins are tools that can empower you with the desired functionality on your WordPress site. There is a plugin or your every need. Like if you want to increase the security of your site you can install a plugin. Same way if you want to boost the SEO then you can use a plugin and like this for so much other features you can use WordPress plugins.Website owners generally use these plugins and in most of the case, most of the people use multiple active plugins at the same time.

Manage Installed Plugins Page in WordPress

Consider you have installed so many plugins on your websites that you get confused in finding the one you are looking for. The default plugin page in WordPress shows the list of plugins you have installed on your site. This page has a search box at the top to search and manage the plugins. It could really be a painful task for you to scroll down the log list to search for the plugin you are looking for. This installed plugin search feature is very Now consider it in this way, you are managing multiple websites and you want to compare the active plugins. When it is a pain to search a particular plugin on your site, then how much painful will it be to compare the active WordPress plugins between two sites? It seems to be hard even think about it.

Do not worry there is a solution to all this pain of yours. Let us try to understand how you can improve the search feature:

Install Better Plugins:

All you need to do is install the Better Plugins plugin to your sites and activate it. Installing it is a very easy task. Just download it from the

Upload the Better Plugins folder to the /wp-content/plugins/directory of your site and activate the Better Plugins Plugin through the “Plugins” menu in the WordPress.

Now you can search a plugin on your site by typing few characters of the plugin name in the “Search Installed Plugins” box. It will filter the results and will show the names that match your search term. Moreover, it is very fast than the default WordPress plugin search feature. It makes it easy for you to search and manage the active plugins on your site.

Comparing the Plugins:

Now comes the bigger question, How to compare the active plugins on two sites?

This is the most important feature you get with Better Plugins plugin. It enables you to compare the active plugins on two sites. It is supremely easy to compare the active plugins on two websites using Better Plugins plugin.

Install Better Plugins plugin to both the website and activate it. Now go to Plugins and click on compare. You will get a plugin code, copy this code.

Now go to the other website and go to the admin area. Go to plugins and click on the compare on this site as well. Now paste the code you have copied from the first website in the given text area and simply click on Compare Plugins button.

This will give you the list of plugins that are not installed on the second website. You can click on the link to check about a particular plugin. It also gives you a tab where you can check all the active plugins on the first website. In this way, you can compare the active plugins on two sites.

Added Feature:

If you are on a multisite network and want to check if a plugin used on your site is being used by any other site in the network or not. You can use the Plugins Report feature located under the Network Admin Plugins section to see a plugin is active on which site. It will also give you a list of the plugins that are not used on any site. You can easily delete those plugins which are unused.

This is really an important feature to have. It provides you the tools to filter and compare the plugins. Comparing the active plugins on two websites is no more a pain with this plugin. If you want to showcase to someone that which plugins you are using on your site then also you can use this feature. Either you want to improve the search feature of your site or want to compare the plugins on different websites this proves to be a handy tool for you.

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