5 Social Media Marketing Tips for your Brand to Implement

5 Social Media Marketing Tips for your Brand to Implement

Social media has certainly taken over our lives. Stuck in traffic? Check your social accounts. Bored waiting at a lobby? Scroll through your timelines! No matter where you are, checking your social accounts has taken over most of your life. According to Statista, around 2.77 billion people are active users of social media in 2019. This figure is to cross 3 billion soon. 

With half of the world’s population using social media, it is obvious that you can reach any kind of person online. Just like personal profiles, businesses have also modernized in terms of marketing their brand. Many businesses prefer opting for digital marketing services to enhance the online presence as well as engaging with their customers and even converting targeted audience into potential leads. 

Social media is one of the most prominent ways to promote your business. Social Media Marketing which is often known as SMM, is a part of the digital marketing umbrella. This involves planning, creating and sharing content on your company’s social media accounts. You can post images or share videos and even promote them to the relevant audience with the option of “paid promotion”.

Social media is an incredible tool for marketing your business. You can find your desired audience using any kind of social media for work and entertainment purposes.  If you apply a good marketing strategy on your social accounts targeting relevant audience, then your business can convert into a brand within no time. 

Today we will discuss five social media for your brand to implement. Following these tips will certainly enable a positive impact on your social media performance.

1) Develop a plan

Develop a plan

To achieve heights on social media you must consider making a plan, developing a strategy, and how you will achieve it. Discuss the following questions with your team while making a social media strategy:

•    What do you want to achieve from social media marketing?

•    Who do you want to target? 

•    How can you attract your target audience?

•    What do you want to convey to your audience as a brand? 

•    How will to keep them engaged?

•    What can be the most common obstacles in your way and how will you overcome those obstacles?

Once you are certain of what the answers to these questions might be, you can set goals by developing a time duration to achieve the targets for your social media marketing. No one wants to run like a headless chicken without a plan hence, it is important to have one before practically starting the work. Make sure you target relevant people on your social pages. 

2) Create Engaging Content

So, you are scrolling the newsfeed section of your social media account and you lay your eyes on something interesting to watch or read. Something with a visual impact on your mood and it compels you to leave a like, comment or even share it on your timeline. As a social media marketer, you have to search for visual or readable content that your audience might find interesting. 

This is the first step to initiating engagement with your fans and followers. It is crucial to attracting people on your page who might end up as customers but it is also very important to understand what these people would like to see on their regular newsfeed. 

3) The response towards the audience

The response towards the audience

No matter how much your page grows, if you do not engage well with your followers who have the potential to become a customer in the future, your efforts of increasing numbers on the page is a complete waste. Always make sure that you are active and prompt while responding to people who actually show interest in your business. 

Many companies nowadays use automated responses. This depicts how busy you are to engage with people. To establish good communication with your fans make sure that you are friendly and attentive towards their concerns. This is an important step towards building a brand identity

4) Consistency

Social media is a great opportunity to make your business a brand! Stay consistent in the way you post and the style and approach you have towards creating a post. If you copy someone’s post or the way they engage with their fans, your audience might get bored and even understand your lack of creativity. It is without a doubt clear that people nowadays tend to like people who are genuine and unique. 

The uniqueness of your brand needs to be displayed in your posts. Just try asking yourself this question before starting to create a post for your social account. 

“What is that one thing that makes my brand stand out from the crowd?”

Once you know the answer to this question, you will understand how to stand out among the crowd. Genuine, fair, humble and always accept your mistake.

5) Competitor Analysis

Analyze what your competitor who is ahead of you works like. Obviously, this is not an encouragement on copying or duplicating material but it is just a way to learn how people who are better than you do it. After all, the whole purpose of social media marketing and developing a strong online presence is to give your business the name and reputation that it needs. 

On your way towards success, it is important to take inspiration and learn lessons from other people. You must know that your biggest competitor is the one who also enables you to strive for the best. 

Social Media – A part of life

Now that social media has become an important part of almost everyone’s life, it is important to make the best out of it till it lasts. Develop a strong online presence for your business by just finding an answer to the questions stated above. 

Even though we can answer them for you but it won’t really help. This is because every business has its priorities and factors that the other one might not have. From developing a marketing plan to analyzing your competitors in order to grow your brand name online, everything depends on your SMM strategy. So, before you start boosting random posts take a deep breath and focus on the core. 

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