7 Surefire Ways To Increase Instagram Engagement Organically

7 Surefire Ways To Increase Instagram Engagement Organically

Do you know what Instagram algorithm likes the most? Engagement!

Instagram engagement is measured by the sum of likes and comments on a particular post. It also includes IGTV views, brand hashtags, and engagement through stories and more.

As per recent updates, the engagement is way more important than a number of followers.  Instagram also promotes the page or content that has more engagement and such posts can be shown either in explore page or top hashtags or location page and even to people’s home feed.

Are you convinced and wants to boost the engagement organically? Then read on our guide, where the surefire ways are discussed to improve the Instagram engagement.

Note! Never use any automated tools or robots to build better engagement. Instagram strongly condemns such acts and sometimes the account can get in real trouble. Therefore make sure to go extra miles to achieve satisfactory and long term results.

1) Level up your Instagram engagement with stories stickers:

Instagram is indeed innovating by searching out unique ways for brands to engage or connect with their customers. Instagram engagement is no longer a combination of likes and comments. With new updates, it has evolved to a significant extent. Surprisingly, over four hundred million people watch or upload the stories.

Instagram stickers are gaining popularity, as they are proved to be a great way for followers to interact with you. You end up having loyal customers who will remain associated with your brand for the long haul.

To get started, use these high in-demand stickers to boost instant engagement:

  • The Question Stickers
  • Poll and vote stickers

2) Write longer and engaging caption:

The caption should not be of few words! Do you know Instagram allows you to write a 2200 character long caption? One of the elements that positively impact on the algorithm is time spent watching a particular post. Therefore, it is suggested to write a long yet engaging caption that can hook the readers. So, from now on, don’t rely on emojis, instead write a caption which is long and meaningful. Focus on to write a captivating story that makes readers read until the end.

Brands are taking advantage out of it and write in-depth captions, some may continue the discussion in the comment section to keep the customer engaged for an extended period of time.

3) Every Instagram story should be optimized:

In order to show behind the scenes action or spontaneous posts, Instagram stories can go a long way in engaging your followers. In order to boost exposure and engagement make sure to optimize the post in the following manners:

Add a location:

Instagram stories are easily searchable by location stickers. Meaning anyone who may search for a particular location, will able to see your story.

Add appropriate hashtags:

Hashtags are not limited to a post, you can even include them in your stories too. If the larger hashtags are ruining the aesthetics, pinch accurately to make them look smaller.

Don’t forget to add a mention sticker:

When working with an influencer or creating UGC( user-generated content ) make sure to mention them in your story.  It can help you to go a long way in building a healthy community.

4) Post on the right time to get engagement:

The best time to post is when the maximum followers are active. The study has revealed that to get a satisfactory result, make sure to post between 9am-11am EST. Although every account has a unique audience and they may belong to different time zones. Some marketers suggest to find out “Your personalized best time and for that, an app, known as “preview app” is recommended by some intellectual marketing enthusiasts. It gives you a detailed insight into the best time to post according to your unique audience and their time zones. Also, get the following information out of this app

  • Best day to interact
  • Best time to interact
  • Best day to post
  • Best time to post

Use this information wisely to grow the audience and engagement. Moreover, if you have an announcement to make, then go for the best time and best day to post that big news.

5) Open up about your business:

Every day new brands launch themselves in Instagram which ultimately lifts up the competition and makes it harder for the customers to make a wiser and better purchasing decision. In this fierce competition, you need to come ahead as customers want to know more about the brand’s mission and philosophy. It makes your brand more transparent and authentic in the customer’s eye.

Luckily Instagram is the best place to share the detail and you end up getting more engaged and long term customers

6) Collaborate with influencers and brands:

Have you heard the proverb, ‘Two heads are better than one’. Well, it is 110% right in case of Instagram influencers. Although, Before you rush to collaborate, do thorough research and connect with profiles that are the perfect fit for the business.

If you have decided, who you are like to collaborate with! Think about these factors before starting the project:

  • Do you and your partner share similar business goal?
  • Don’t go for the temporary relations! Make sure to select who are ready to work for years.
  • The desired goal from this collaboration.

7) Use Instagram filters or other apps to make posts more professional:

Professionalism goes a long way in creating a long lasting and positive impression to your customer’s mind.  To give your image or video a distinct look, go for the filter that can best suit your brand’s image and can prove to be a signature filter to represent you among all your competitors. As per research, 60% of brands use a similar filter each time they post. Moreover, if you are not satisfied with any built-in filter, there is always an option to utilize the third party app to make it look more professional and eye-catching.

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