12 Skills Employers Look For In Front End Developer Interview

12 Skills Employers Look For In Front End Developer Interview

The way a website works and functions overall is everything related to front-end development. While web designing involves coding and laying out the actual design and how it would look, front end development is how that design is implemented on the web and what changes need to be made accordingly. The designs created by web designers and app designers are further coded by front end developers using HTML, CSS and JavaScript and that code runs inside the user’s browser unlike back end developer whose code actually runs on the web server.

Besides these obvious things, what else do you need to know to become a front end developer?

Here are the things employers would be looking for in you if they are to interview for the said job title.


These two languages are the basic building blocks of web coding and must be mastered by anyone who wishes to make any career in IT field. Without HTML and CSS all you’d do is write plain text instead of creating a web design with images, sections and grids.

2) JavaScript

When you are done with a basic web design and want to amp things up that is where JavaScript comes handy. On the most basic level, JavaScript allows you to add a lot of interactive elements to your website such as maps that update in real time, interactive films, and online games.

3) jQuery

With JavaScript allowing you to add elements to the web design, jQuery makes using JavaScript easier. It is actually a JavaScript library: a collection of plugins and extensions such as countdown timers, search form autocomplete etc that makes developing with JavaScript faster and easier.

4) JavaScript Frameworks

The four most popular JS frameworks include AngularJS, Backbone, Ember, and ReactJS, though there are different types of frameworks for different needs. These four frameworks really speed up development work by giving you a jumpstart. You can also use it along with JS library jQuery to minimize coding work.

5) Front End Frameworks

Just like JS Frameworks work for JavaScript, front end framework such as Bootstrap does the same for CSS; they allow you to do faster coding. Since a lot of CSS starts practically from the same elements in every project, having a basic framework saves a lot of time for the developer.

6) Experience with CSS Pre-Processors

Anything that can save your time developing a website is bonus. Pre-processors are another element that can speed up your CSS coding. They add extra functionality to keep your CSS scalable and easier to work with. They enable you to process the code and turn it into well-formatted and cross-browser friendly CSS before you publish it to the website.

7) Responsive and Mobile Design

People access internet more through their smartphones now than they do through their desktops which means having a responsive web design is not an option anymore. Learning to create a responsive web design is compulsory now.

8) Testing and Debugging

Sure testers are a totally separate job title but being a web developer you must be familiar with testing and debugging as well. Debugging involves looking for all the bugs after testing the website for various functions that it’s supposed to perform bug-free.

9) Cross-Browser Development

Although modern browsers have evolved pretty well and have become really good at displaying websites consistently but there are still differences in how they interpret codes in the backend. You cannot just rely on the browsers to become efficient enough to display your website well therefore knowing how to make each of them work the way you want is an important skill.

10) Content Management Systems

You must know the many Content Management Systems and how they work in order to become a front end developer. The most popular of all CMSs out there is WordPress which is the operating CMS behind many websites. Being a WordPress expert will put you in high demand. The other most popular CMSs include Joomla, Drupal, and Magento.

11) Version Control Systems

You need to keep a track of codes you write and rewrite while creating websites and version control systems let you do exactly that. They make it easy to go back to a previous code or website version in case you are not satisfied with the new code. Rather than having to scramble to manually undo it and fix all the errors, you can roll back to a previous version and then try again with a different solution.

12) Problem Solving Skills

One thing that any IT expert, a front-end developer and a back-end one too, should have is the ability to solve problems within their abilities and reach. From figuring out how to implement a design, to fixing bugs and figuring out how to make the front-end code work, you have got to know it all to do it all.

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