Top 10 Professional Resume and Perfect CV Templates for Jobs

Have you ever thought what are the main characteristics of the great resume? Actually, have you ever managed to get a dream job thanks to your eye-catching resume? If your answer is no or it is your first attempt to find an appropriate position in the relevant industry, let us help you. Today, we want you to get familiar with top 10 CV and resume layout templates in order to choose the best one among them. One that makes it possible to impress your employer and get the job that you really want.

Before taking a look at them, it is important to understand how an attention-grabbing and effective resume can be characterized.

  1. First of all, your resume should turn out to be lively, engaging, and action-oriented. Here we do not talk about the design. We talk about the use of words that are capable of reflecting your unique personality, abilities, and experience. Do not lie about your skills. All pieces of information should be truthful and up-to-date.
  2. It is completely possible to make a great first impression on the potential boss with the right use of white space. In addition to this, it would be nice to take advantage of bullet points. If you present long blocks of texts, it will be simpler for your employer to read them.
  3. In terms of the cover letter, you should remember one single thing. Its content should duplicate the content that was already mentioned in the resume.
  4. If you have some awards, additional courses, and certificates, do not be afraid to include all of them.

Now, let us speak a little bit about features that high-quality resume and CV templates include:

  • a well-structured and simple design that will present your professional career in the best possible light;
  • availability of various popular formats that can be easily edited in Microsoft Office and Adobe Photoshop;
  • resume and CV templates should be print-ready, so you do not need to worry about a physical copy;
  • various design options (as an example, with or without a photo);
  • the opportunity to use a collection of modern Google Fonts while editing your resume and cover letter;
  • as a small bonus, you can get business cards.

It seems to us that we have covered all the necessary aspects that have something to do with resumes and cover letters. Keep them in mind and feel free to look through all the variant presented below. For this reason, start choosing your perfect ready-made solution here and now…

1) Christian Resume Template

Christian Resume Template

2) John Watson Resume Template with Business Card

John Watson Resume Template with Business Card

3) Neil Roberts Resume Template

Neil Roberts Resume Template

4) Minimal White Brenner Resume Template

Minimal White Brenner Resume Template

5) Resume/CV-Paul Hoffman Resume Template

Resume CV-Paul Hoffman Resume Template

6) Shuvo Designer Resume Template

Shuvo Designer Resume Template

7) Bazin Resume Template

Bazin Resume Template

8) Willa Bergstrom Resume Template

Willa Bergstrom Resume Template

9) Modern-Infographic Resume Template

Modern-Infographic Resume Template

10) Willa Resume Template

Willa Resume Template

Thanks to these ready-made solutions, you can create remarkable and distinguishing resumes and cover letters. Each of them will turn out to be a combination of things you need to make sure your potential boss pays the attention. You will be ready to present your skills and experience, creativity, and your best features (like commitment, enthusiasm, and team spirit).

Do not lose your time and do not let others get the position that you have always dreamt of. Pick the most impressive resume and CV template right now and promote yourself. We are sure that you can do it. Thanks for reading!

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