Best WordPress Plugin To Add Bug, Issue Tracking System

Best WordPress Plugin To Add Bug, Issue Tracking System

By using this WordPress plugin you can add bug tracking and issue tracking functionality in a WordPress blog. Users of your blog can submit issues or request a new feature about your upcoming projects. This plugin is very useful for project management and product testing in a WordPress blog.

Here are the features of this plugin:

1) Form interface for issue submission: Users of your blog can submit issues by using a custom form. They can add the issue title, choose a project for which the issue needs to be raised, add a description, and select status, label, milestones and priority for the issue. You can edit this form as per your requirements. You can control the setting so that only the logged in user may report an issue. Issues can also be directly added by the users directly from the WordPress admin dashboard.

2) Issue management: You can easily manage the issues created by the users from the plugin admin section. Custom post types and taxonomies are used for managing issues and bugs. You can reply to the issues directly by using a form interface. You can also filter the issues by date, status, labels, priorities, and projects. For an issue or a bug, you can change the status, priority and label from the plugin admin section.

3) Add unlimited number of projects: You can add any number of projects for issues and bug tracking.

4) Email notifications: There are various pre-designed templates which are used for sending email notifications to you and to the bug submitter in the event when someone submits an issue or a bug for a project and when you reply to the issue. You can customize and save these email templates as per your needs. You can also use template tags like {author_firstname} for including the name of the author in the emails, who reported the issue.

5) Translation support: You can use the issue and bug tracking system in any language as per your choice.

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