Generate In-depth Profile Graphs And Charts In BuddyPress

Generate In-depth Profile Graphs And Charts In BuddyPress
BuddyPress is a free plugin for creating a social networking site in WordPress. However, in BuddyPress there is no option to see the extended statistics and analytics of the users of the site. If you want to create graphs and charts and generate in-depth statistics and analytics of registered BuddyPress users, then you could do that by using this WordPress plugin. These statistics are helpful for creating any type of campaigns based on the activity of the BuddyPress users of your site. It is also useful to view the latest trends in your BuddyPress install.

Here are the features of this plugin:

1) Statistics based on type of user accounts: From the plugin admin section, you can see the number of registered users, empty profiles, user accounts which are not activated, user accounts with no activity, Spam and deleted user accounts.

2) Generate pie charts: You can generate pie charts by using the values entered or selected by the users in profile fields and groups. You can generate pie charts for the values of first name, last name occupation, birthday, text box, text area, date box, radio button, select box, multi select box and check boxes.

3) Graphs by time period: You have the option to generate graphs based on time period for options “Hours your users are registered the most” and “Hours your users are active the most”. You can generate the graphs for activity comment, activity updates, created group, joined group, friendship created, new blog comment, new avatar, new blog post and new forum post.

4) Real-time data: The data which is pulled in the graphs is real-time and is acquired through BuddyPress activity.

5) Translation support: You can use this plugin in any language as per your choice.

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