Best WordPress Plugin To Add Advanced Responsive iFrame

In this post I will discuss about best WordPress plugin to add advanced responsive iFrame in your blog. You can use this WordPress plugin to add frames, placeholders, map parameters, display remote page, display view port, scroll bars, URL parameters, scrolling iframe, add iframe in widgets, lazy loading iframes, zoom viewport, hide elements, display iframe as layer, iframe for mobile phones and tablets, iframe with loading indicator, iframe based on browsers, auto zoom iframe and many other types of iframes in your WordPress blog.

By using this WordPress plugin you can easily create and add custom inline frames in your WordPress blog without coding. You can easily embed content from other sites or from your own WordPress blog posts or pages as iframes and customize it as per your requirements. Plugin comes with various types of options to customize the iframes.

Here are the features of best WordPress plugin to add advanced responsive iFrame in your blog:

Best WordPress Plugin To Add Advanced Responsive iFrame


  1. Responsive iframe WordPress plugin.
  2. SEO optimized and fast loadingĀ iframe WordPress plugin.
  3. Option to automatically resize the iframe.
  4. Option to display specific area of iframe as per your needs. You can totally control what you want to display on the iframe.
  5. Option to add forward parameters to iframe.
  6. Option to zoom the content of iframe. You can also enable auto zoom function for the iframe.
  7. Option to edit CSS styles from the plugin admin section.
  8. Option to add videos.
  9. Option to add custom header and custom footers.
  10. Shortcodes support to easily add iframes anywhere in your WordPress blog including widget areas, posts, pages, header, footer and custom post types.
  11. Cross browser compatible.
  12. Verify your created iframes.
  13. Easily parse parameters for URLs in the iframe.
  14. Supports scrolling of iframes on mobile devices, tablets and on iPhone and iPad.
  15. Edit the size of the iframe as per your requirements.
  16. Supports lazy loading for the iframe which is helpful for the page speed and thus for the search engine optimization of the web page where you have added the iframe.
  17. Display loading indicator to your users when the iframe is loading to provide a clean user experience.
  18. Option to add video content on iframes.
  19. Display different iframe for different browsers. This functionality is useful for maintaining the responsiveness of the iframe and thus making it cross browser compatible.
  20. Option to edit the link targets in your iframes and add news links as per your needs.
  21. Option to add a JavaScript file to the iframe.
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