Best WordPress Plugin To Add Captcha To Login, Register Form

Best WordPress Plugin To Add Captcha To Login, Register Form
There are many Captcha plugins out there for WordPress. But sometimes Captcha images are not displayed in many browsers. Now, when a Captcha image is not displayed, a user can’t login to your blog. If you are running a multi user blog then this will become a nightmare. I have been in look out for a plugin like this for long. Since I have many blogs and I can’t risk them to get hacked. To solve problems like these there’s a powerful WordPress plugin to add Captcha and secure your blog. It’s like you have to install this plugin and forget about security of your blog.

Here are the features of this plugin:

1) Ban IPs and protect blog: Apart from Captcha you can ban specific IPs and save your login from brute force attacks.

2) Track user logins: You can also track who logged in from the login screen via the admin panel.

3) Email notifications: You can set up an email notification for login and register activities in your blog like notification emails for failed logins, notification emails for successful logins and notification emails for when new IP gets banned. You can enable or disable these notification emails as per your needs.

4) Disable logins based on user roles: You have the option to disable users based on user roles: Editor, Author, Contributor, Subscriber, Customer or for an individual user.

5) Ban rules: From the plugin settings page you can set up the ban rules like Maximum number of failed login attempts before ban, Default ban time, Message for banned users, and login notice.

6) Captcha settings: You can enable or disable Captcha from the plugin settings page. Also, you have the option to change Captcha background color, Captcha question text, and make Captcha text blur so it would be difficult to read.

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