Best WordPress Plugin To Add Frequently Asked Questions, FAQ

Best WordPress Plugin To Add Frequently Asked Questions, FAQ
In this post, I will discuss about one of the best WordPress plugins for adding Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) in a WordPress blog. Whether you are selling a product or offering a service in your blog, FAQ is a vital component as everyone has questions and by FAQs you can save a lot of time by not answering everyone by emails. Also, FAQs can be used to keep a record of stock responses. If you want to create and manage FAQs in your blog then this is one of the best plugins out there. Custom posts types are used for creating FAQs in blog. FAQs are arranged in categories which is helpful for your users to locate specific questions. Also, users can submit FAQ questions. FAQs created by using this plugin works with all the modern browsers. You can customize FAQ section by selecting a color scheme of your choice. The advantage of this plugin is that you can arrange the FAQs by using a drag and drop interface from the plugin settings page.

Here are the features of this plugin:

1) Categorize FAQs: You can categorize the FAQs so that your visitors can drill down and find the right questions and the answers easily. The FAQs are designed in a drop down style which is easy to navigate.

2) Works with any WordPress theme: FAQs will seamlessly integrate in to any theme and you can also select the color schemes and set up the width for the FAQs from the plugin settings page.

3) FAQs suggestions: The plugin also has a submission form which can be used for your users to submit FAQs. These FAQs are moderated by the administrator. Whenever a FAQ is submitted by a user, admin is notified by an email.

4) Shortcodes support: You can embed the FAQs anywhere in your blog by using shortcodes.

5) Custom CSS support: You can change the appearance of the FAQ section by adding your own CSS codes.

6) Add images, videos in FAQs: Plugin uses custom post types for FAQs. That means you can create new questions just like a WordPress post. Here you can add any type of content like images, videos, etc.

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