Best WordPress Plugin To Add jQuery, Responsive Layer Slider

Best WordPress Plugin To Add jQuery, Responsive Layer Slider
In this post, I will discuss about a WordPress plugin for adding jQuery, responsive, cross browser compatible, layer slider with Parallax effect in your blog. You can add images, text, audio, video, HTML content, post content and page content in layers in the slider. Any type of combination can be used for creating the layer slider. By using this plugin you can add fast loading custom layer sliders in your blog by using a drag and drop interface. Sliders are fully customizable and you can edit any element in the slider. There are multiple transition effects and you can choose any one for your sliders. Also, you can create custom transition effects. Sliders can be displayed to users based on their roles. Plugin comes with many slider skins and you have the option to modify slider skins and create custom skins. This slider plugin can be used in any language and is compatible with WordPress multisite and network site.

Here are the features of the plugin:

1) Create any type of slider: You can create any type of slider by using this plugin. For example, Full width slider, carousels, 2D slider, 3D slider, timeline slider, etc.

2) Responsive and cross browser compatible sliders: Plugin creates responsive sliders which works in cell phones and tablets. It offers touch control function for cell phones and tablets. You have the option to set up the maximum width of the sliders in responsive mode. Sliders work in all the modern browsers.

3) Customize sliders: You can add images, video and text in any size as per your requirements by using a drag and drop interface. You can add image, text, HTML, videos (YouTube, Vimeo and other self hosted videos), audio and content from posts in the sliders. You can select the specific posts and pages to be added in the sliders. Also, you can customize the order in which posts and page content is displayed in sliders. For editing sliders there is an inbuilt editor in the admin section. You can control the flow of slide as per your own requirements. Slider width, slider height, navigation in sliders, logo in sliders, slide transition effect, slider thumbnail URL, slide delay in milliseconds, time shift in milliseconds, layers for the slider, link to a slide along with link target and deep link for a slider can be set up from plugin settings page.

4) Parallax effect: From the plugin settings page, you can enable parallax effect in sliders.

5) Keyboard control: Sliders can also be accessed from the keyboard.

6) Auto play: From the plugin settings page, you can enable auto play functionality for the sliders.

7) Any number of sliders: You can add any number of sliders on a page.

8) SEO friendly: Sliders are searchable and are SEO friendly.

9) Import and export: You have the option to import and export sliders from the plugin settings page.

10) Enable slider access: You can assign the access control of the sliders based on specific user roles.

11) Fast loading sliders: You can enable scripts to be added in footer and enable scripts loading only when required to make your sliders fats loading.

12) Custom CSS: To change the appearance of the sliders you can also add your own CSS codes.

13) Google fonts support: Plugin comes with Google fonts. You can use it for text on your sliders.

14) Edit slider transitions: From the plugin settings page, you can edit or create custom transition effects. You can edit rows, columns, delay sequence, depth, duration, type, direction, scale, easing, and rotation in X axis, Y axis and Z axis.

15) Multiple skins: Plugin comes with multiple slider skins. You can select any one as per your needs. You also have the option to customize slider skins.

16) Language translation: This plugin can be used in any language as per your choice.

17) Multisite compatible: This plugin is compatible with WordPress multisite and network site installation.

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