Best WordPress Plugin To Let Readers Mark Posts As Read

Best WordPress Plugin To Let Readers Mark Posts As Read
By this WordPress plugin you can let readers mark posts and pages as read in your blog. You can set it to mark the posts read automatically or manually by using “Mark as read” links. The posts counts will be displayed as a widget in the sidebar. Users have to be logged in for marking posts as read and for automatic markings. There’s a page generated for every user to see which posts have been read and which posts are unread. The page also displays the numbers of read and unread posts by the user. You can include the read reports anywhere in the blog as per your needs by the use of short codes. This plugin will work for any blog irrespective of the theme. All the texts used in the plugin can be customized as per your requirements.

Here are the features of this plugin:

1) Automatically mark posts as read: You have the option to automatically mark a post as read after a user has spent a particular number of seconds in the post. This time in seconds can be configured from the plugin settings page.

2) Show alert messages: You can turn on the alerts for read and unread posts for the readers. You have the option to change the text in the alert messages when a post is marked as read or unread.

3) Display Mark as read and Mark as unread links in posts: You have the option to show Mark as read and Mark as unread links in posts. You can change the Mark as read and Mark as unread texts for the links. You can add these links at the bottom or at the top of the posts and pages.

4) Custom CSS: You have th option to add custom CSS codes for the plugin.

5) Widgets and shortcodes: Plugin comes with four useful widgets for sidebars and three shortocodes.

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